10 Ancient Artifacts Testify Our Antecedents Had Contact With Extraterrestrial Creatures

Ancient Artifacts

If astronauts from another world reached out our antecedents in the distant past, how is possible we don’t find proof of that contact now?

In spite of the fact that many people think our ancestors had contact with extraterrestrial astronauts and that the very same contact continued until now, most of the society prefers the opinion aliens are not genuine.

Abounding number of people claim there are many proofs of alien contact if we cautiously observe ancient civilizations that inhabited the Earth many years ago. Looking at them, we can easily find evidence for alien reach.

The alien subject that existed among ancient Maya, Aztecs, Inca etc, still endures in the present.

Every day on planet Earth makes a constant question between researchers and scientists: Is there something alive outside the borders of Earth?

Some of the scientists in the past, like Giordano Bruno, were even punished for mentioning the aliens.

Giordano Bruno was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet and cosmological theorist. He suggested that the stars were distant suns encircled with their exoplanets.

He also claimed that the universe is limitless and that it doesn’t have an ethereal object as its center.

In 1593, Bruno was sentenced for blasphemy by the Roman Inquisition taking charges for denying particular Catholic scholars like the Trinity, the divinity of Christ and the virginity of Mary.

Bruno’s paganism was also an element of grave interest.

In 1600 the Inquisition found him blameworthy and burned him in Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori.

After Bruno, the alien issue was discussed by many of the scientists and philosophers.

Where is the evidence that proves the alien contact in the distant past?

If we make an expedition to the Archaeological site of Al – Ubaid, we will learn that most of the people believe that the illustrations are not people but humanoid aliens.

Al – Ubaid represents artifacts at least 7,000 years old. Amidst these artifacts were found strange figurines that looked like lizards and humanoid aliens at the same time.

The most enigmatic object among them all is a female figure that has lizard characteristics and carries a baby in her hands with the same lizard features.

These lizard look-alike statues are credited as proof for alien contact in ancient Mesopotamia many years ago.

Mexico, on the other hand, also shows us dozens of objects which represent evidence that ancient civilizations had contact with alien beings.

The territory of ancient Maya reveals alien artifacts with almond-shaped eyes and alien spaceships.

Current city of Veracruz is the place where a group of archaeologists discovered a contentious array of artifacts considered as proof for the contact between ancient Americans and creatures from another world.

Egypt also exposes set of artifacts proving our antecedents were in an actual contact with aliens.

If we inspect the apocryphal document named Tulli Papyrus, we can realize it represents flying saucers during the time of the Pharaoh Thutmose III.

The ancient text called Turin Royal Canon shows that divine creatures were leading Egypt in the distant past.

6,000 years old evidence found in India appears to depict strong flying ships that existed in the past.

Indian history, as one of the most dominant ancient histories in the world, characterizes with ancient hallowed texts called “Vedas”. The Vedas talk about amazing flying ships that visited our Planet nearly 6,000 years ago.

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