200,000 Years Old Civilization Lived In An Ancient City In Africa

The discovery found in South Africa consisted remains of a megalopolis big around 1500 square kilometers. The researchers said the ancient city is just a fragment of a bigger community with about 10,000 square kilometers created 160,000 to 200,000 years BCE.

The area is secluded and the “circles” have often been seen by locals who presumed primitive people made them in the past. However, no one ever investigated their origin until recently.

The researcher and author, Michael Tellinger, together with a local fireman and pilot, Johan Heine, joined forces and decided to inquire them. Heine, as a pilot, had the experience to see the circles from above in the sky and he knew something was odd about their past.

Tellinger told the media that when Johan initially showed him the ancient stone wrecks he wasn’t aware of what the amazing discoveries they were going to achieve in the future. The documentation they took from the place indicated to thousands of years lost civilization never discovered before. And they could change the whole human’s history.

The nearby topography is also interesting because of the gold mines located in the neighborhood. Researchers suggested a secret, vanished civilization from the past could have been living there, mining gold for a living. They implied it might be the Ancient Anunnaki:

The Annunaki’s Timeline (According To Sitchin)

450,000 B.C. – After the long wars, the atmosphere of Nibiru began to fall apart which made it an unfavorable place to live. The Annunaki apparently needed gold to fix their atmosphere since researchers claim we can use gold nanoparticles to restore the damaged ozone layer.

445,000 B.C. – The Annunaki extraterrestrial came to Earth and made their base with an intention to dig gold from the Persian Gulf. Their leader was Enki, son of Anu.

416,000 B.C. – The gold excavation work lowered, which made Anu come down to Earth with his other son Enlil. Anu decided to transfer the gold mining in Africa pointing Enlil as the leader.

400,000 B.C. – In Southern Mesopotamia, there were seven advanced nations. The most significant of them were “Sipar”, “Nippur”, and “Shuruppak.” After the metal was polished, it was carried from Africa to the orbit.

Google Earth Made It Possible For Us To See The Amazing Discovery

These amazing stone circles, apparently buried in the sand, are only able to be seen by aircraft or satellites. They are also available for us on Google Earth. Some of the ruins, due to climate change that eliminated the sand, are now revealed.

Tellinger claims that undoubtedly the Egyptians and the Sumerians obtained their knowledge from an earlier progressive civilization that lived in Africa and might have mined gold.

He presented his collected evidence in his newest book called Temples of The African Gods. The book depicts graphic details about his discoveries that could change the whole history of mankind.

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