4 Major Creations By The Genius Mind Of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is one of the most mystical and dramatic figures of engineering. He also carries the epithet of an eccentric mind that made many discoveries that shaped the power of technology in the terms of the electric power.

Unlike Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla unfortunately never managed to transform his creativity into a financial favorable outcome.


Peace Beam or the Death Ray

1. Peace Beam or the Death Ray:

The so-called Death Ray was made to stop the mainstream manner of the world wars. The Peace Beam was supposed to protect and keep people from going into wars so no civilians would be hurt. He used a vacuum chamber open at one end, a turbine to direct airflow for the vacuum and direct the flow of particles. This invention took the breath away of JP Morgan and other people who agreed to finance it but even though it was examined and tested at the end it was not built.


Tesla’s Oscillator the Earthquake Machine

2. Tesla’s Oscillator the Earthquake Machine:

When Nikola Tesla created this invention he never meant to make it an object that will cause earthquakes. Its original purpose was to reinstate some of the extensive engines with a small quantity of pressured air. The object that Nikola was building was a small oscillator that he wanted to use to replace the engines powered by steam. His concept wrapped up the idea to turn motion into power. Tesla’s claims were that this machine was able of destroying the Empire State Building with five pounds of air pressure in ten minutes.


Tesla’s Thought Photography Machine

3. Tesla’s Thought Photography Machine:

In the “Kansas City Journal-Post”, Tesla mentioned he wants to create a machine that would be able to present an image on the screen of a person’s thoughts. He planned on using the contemporary technology to somehow, through the retina of the eyes, to depict the image generated in the people’s mind. Nikola Tesla only thought about this project but he was never able to turn it into practice.


Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower

4. Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower:

This dazzling idea would have become reality if the market crash didn’t stop it. Nikola Tesla almost built a Tower surpassed by a large arcade and attached with 300 feet, underneath the ground, iron base. The base was meant to be wireless and to transfer electricity and information over the planet. Guillermo Marconi, a man who stole some of the Tesla’s mind works, stole even this idea and was the first one who ever transmitted a telegraph signal across the Atlantic. Tesla was sure in himself that he was brighter and he kept on pushing to achieve his concept to send electricity into the air so everyone would have free electricity. When the tower was stopped being constructed, Tesla said: “Humanity is not yet sufficiently advanced to be willingly led by the discoverer’s keen searching sense.”

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