Alien Flying Saucer Caught Flying Over The Great Wall Of China

Supernatural researchers are exploring the causes after an alleged UFO was spotted flying over the Great Wall of China.

The American-based MUFON is the world’s largest organization that works with UFO, alien and other paranormal exploration and research.

It also has a large database of UFO sightings all around the globe.

The unknown photographer, who snapped the apparent UFO, declared in his report to MUFON that he just went for hiking.

He didn’t notice anything until he came back to America and revised again his photos.

The report by MUFON says the eyewitness thinks the object is a UFO.

He also thinks the weird object was flying straight over the sky and around the hill or the great wall structure.

Over the years, the Great Wall of China has been known as a place of UFO sightings, judging by many videos uploaded on social media, but few of them were proved as hoax already.

However, the object in the picture, as existing as it looks like, according to Scott Brando, a UFO investigator, is not something extraordinary.

Apparently, he claims the alleged UFO is a “blurfo” i.e. a term used for blurred bird or insect caught on camera that looks like a flying saucer.

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