Alien Mothership Spotted On The Surface Of The Red Planet

A conspiracy theorist detected something weird in footage made by NASA.

Theorists hypothesize they found evidence of an “alien mothership” shot down on the surface of the Red Planet.

The YouTube Channel called Paranormal Crucible posted a theory that the 1.3-mile-long spacecraft is the clue we need to prove extraterrestrial do indeed exist and they crashed on the surface of Mars.

The images from the video were taken from NASA’s footage from the Mars Global Surveyor which scrutinized the red planet until 2006 when they lost their contact with it.

The description under the video says: “I have processed, colorized and rebuilt the object and in my opinion, it is a craft of some kind, possibly tens of thousands of years old.”

Of course, there were many opinions shared underneath the video. Some of them implied it’s only a part of the raised ground or a rock.

However, theorists with wider imagination applied the video is 100% authentic.

“The object is too degraded to enhance totally so I have rebuilt it using the points of interest that are shown in the video,” claims the video publisher.

He also suggested the object must be a mothership since it is not a usual object, it’s much larger than that. It is either a Martian one or possibly an off-planet alien species, but why did it crash, he asks.

The video collected many views and comments in just a week.

This is not the first time something unusual has been discovered as “hidden” in the pictures of the red planet.

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