The Best Documented UFO Sightings In US History

Over half of the Americans believe in aliens and UFOs. Everyone has their own hypotheses, but one thing is sure, the evidence for their existence is getting stronger every day.

Science fiction movies are just bolstering the ideas UFO believers have. These movies show alien visitors with compassionate characteristics, curious to form a bond with the people from the Earth.

In real life, there are numerous cases of trustworthy UFO sightings, and here are some of them:

  1. April 17, 1897: A crash in Aurora, Texas

In 1897, a cylinder-shaped UFO allegedly crashed into a windmill that belonged to Judge J.S Proctor from Aurora, Texas. The event was reported two days after, by the Dallas Morning News, who said that the driver of the craft was not a human or a person that belongs to Earth. By allegation, the pilot’s remains were entombed at a local graveyard together with some parts of the ship. The rest of the parts were said to be disposed into a well.

The former mayor of Aurora, however, said that the whole situation was faked with an intention to save Aurora. The town, at that time, was going through a phase of disastrous events that involved a fire, local cotton crop dying out, epidemic diseases etc. Supposedly, this “fake” incident put Aurora back on track. But still, the situation was not fully explained and proven false.

  1. May 11, 1950: McMinnville UFO in McMinnville, Oregon

This event was one of the most argued UFO events in the history. Everything started when Evelyn Trent noticed a slow-moving, silvery disk in the sky near her family’s farm and told her husband Paul, who took pictures of it.

Paul took only two pictures when the disk disappeared out of his extent. Ever since then, people are discussing the reliability of this documentation.

Two journalists, Philip J. Klass and Robert Sheaffer, in the 80s, managed to disprove the sighting. They simply said that the Trent family lied about the time of the day the photos were snapped so apparently they also faked the content of the photos.

However, UFO believers did not accept this theory but rather succeeded to get the photos printed out in the Time magazine, making this event one of the best advertised UFO events in the history.

  1. December 9, 1965: The Kecksburg Incident in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania

Model of the Kecksburg UFO

In 1965, an enormous spacecraft settled down into the woods outside Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, according to the claims of town habitants and firefighters who found it. The alien’s vessel allegedly was big as the size of a regular car and there were letters that looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs all over it. Local citizens said that the US military closed the area, chased the witnesses and finally, took something away in their truck. However, the military did not admit something like this ever happened.

The next day, the Greensburg Tribune-Review, a local newspaper, published a story that confirmed the event was an actual UFO so as the military’s interference. Inexplicably, a later edition of the same newspaper denied all the previously mentioned facts.

  1. March 13, 1997: The Phoenix Lights in Phoenix, Arizona

This 1997’s event is one of the most famous UFO sightings in the history of United States. Many documentaries have depicted the lights as a V-shaped pattern that allegedly obstructed the stars. This situation was spotted by hundreds of spectators.

Sceptics are rather denying the Phoenix light with an explanation that the lights were part of a military mission because of certain military bases located nearby.

However, movies like Phoenix Forgotten assume that something weird really happened that night even though it cannot be explained.

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