Bizzare Flashing Lights In Mexico: Alien Invasion Or The Apocalypse?

People saw the sky lighting up green and insisted on the fact that the Bible’s prediction was evolving into reality or that aliens had landed.

The Mexicans who witnessed the baffling shining rays in the night sky during that happened during the earthquake alleged the apocalypse is near or at least it was all caused by a UFO.

Speaking of it, the country was hit by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake after an enormous tremor hit in the Pacific Ocean near the border of Mexico and Guatemala.

The shake was felt even far away in Central America.

Nevertheless, the earthquake’s eyewitnesses didn’t just observe the shaking; they also noticed weird green lights blinking the sky during it.

A video that appeared on social media right afterward caused people to theorize the potential origin of the glowing wonder.

One thing that came to the mind of a viewer was that it was a UFO landing, or it a trap by North Korea, or it might even is an alien invasion.

Other people alleged the lights could be a result of the Bible’s prediction since we were allegedly warned by Hurricane Harvey two years ago.

One of them wrote: “This is the Bible prophecy unfolding.

“Jesus said: ‘The powers of the heaven will be shaken’ – Luke 21:26.”

However, the more rational explanations said the glowing phenomenon is actually an “earthquake lighting” that happens in the sky close to the spot of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes etc.

One Twitter user commented: “That’s the power boxes on power lines blowing from the earthquake, not lightning.”

Spectators reported the shaking last around a minute and a half and made everyone to run out of the building in the middle of the night.

Luis Carlos Briceno, a 31-year-old architect, didn’t take it seriously at the beginning, but when the electric power went off, he thought he reached the end.

Also, a 0.7-metre wave destroyed buildings and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre ratified that three dangerous tsunami waves were likely to happen in the next three hours.

The death victims counted five people, including two children in Tabasco State. Three of them died in Chiapas State, in San Cristobal de las Casas.

Tabasco Governor, Arturo Nunez, stated that one of the kids lost his life when a wall crashed, and the other was a baby that died in a hospital that lost the electric power intersecting its breathing through the baby’s ventilator.

Since 1985, this was the strongest earthquake to hit the country of Mexico.

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