Black Blobs Caught Floating In The Sky Left The Experts Stunned

Alan Kingwell, 62, was initially trying to take a time-lapse video of a weird cloud cover when he noticed the mysterious dark spots.

Experts have been wondering all their life if extraterrestrial creatures are watching us all the time or not.

This man claims to have the evidence necessary to prove not just aliens do exist but they also intruded the Earth’s atmosphere.

Alan Kingwell, whose original intention was to make a time-lapse video of the weird cloud scenery in his garden in Plymouth, captured something else, something weird at the end.

He didn’t notice anything until that instant when he sat down to revise and re-edit his video. That is when he detected two weird flying objects standing stationary in the sky.

The black objects were wrapped up in the clouds from time to time but in the end, they were always clear in view.

It was filmed accidentally and I never saw the objects until I edited the time-lapse film, he said.

He thought of many things that could result in such a video, like a camera error or other natural things, but he couldn’t find anything that suggested that.

Mr. Kingwell reported he spent a lot of time analyzing this short footage and every time he did he was more and more convinced that there was really something weird happening in the sky.

A moment in the short video shows the two objects as they are being camouflaged by the clouds but after that, they have revealed again when the cloud scatters.

After he saw the video and realized what is going on, he went out with binoculars trying to get a better view, but the clouds had become thicker and he couldn’t spot a thing anymore.

The very next day he made another try to investigate the sky, but there was nothing weird there.

Alan states he has been looking into the sky with another perspective ever since he experienced that moment.

He added he is an open-minded man who has always been curious and fascinated by extraterrestrial encounters.

His video was studied by many people who have expertise in this field and they admitted they are also very fascinated.

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