The Blood Moon Eclipse Is Happening For The First Time In 150 Years!

If you are a stargazer and you love watching natural phenomena, January is your month! At the end of this month, everything is aligned in a way so that you can experience an incredible view.

On January 31st, in the second full moon of the month, it is then when the Blood moon eclipse is believed to happen and you should try not to miss it!

Such a total lunar eclipse will cause the moon to turn into a striking red color which is called Blood moon eclipse.

However, just one night before all of this happens, the moon will reach the Earth to its closest point and in that way will mark the second arrival of the spectacular moon this year.

Then again, on 31st of January, two blue moons in 2018 will be marked and this has never happened before. To make it even more dramatic, after all of this, a blood moon eclipse will follow that happens only once in 150 years.

If you want to observe this incredible event, you need to be aware of the fact that depending on where you are going to observe, the eclipse might happen on January 31st or February 1st.

The name Blue moon means that this is the second blue moon that actually happens in the month but also, this time it means that the moon will actually change its color but it will not be blue.

You need to know that in order for a lunar eclipse to occur, the Earth has to line up with both the moon and the sun blocking any light that is usually hitting the lunar surface. So because of the shadow that the Earth will drop on the moon, it will appear to have blood red color during the eclipse. How amazing is that?

This will happen at the exact moment when the Pacific Ocean will face the moon somewhere in the middle of the night of January 31st.

However, NASA states that only some countries will be able to witness this once in 150 years blood moon eclipse. If you are anywhere from Hawaii, British Columbia, Alaska, US or New Zealand, you are lucky because you can witness this spectacular view.

Some of you may have difficulties experiencing the full blood moon eclipse but we guess that a partial one is also as exciting as the other one. This eclipse will only be visible during night time so make sure you stay awake.

For example, the viewers and stargazers of New York will only be able to experience the first part of the eclipse happening and it will start just 16 minutes before the moon even sets which is believed to be at 6:48 pm.

Would you like to see the blood moon eclipse? If you do and you are able to, enjoy the spectacular and once in a lifetime event!


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