Chester Bennington Saw A Mysterious UFO Before He Died

The Linkin Park’s music star’s body was found dead on July 20 in his home in LA.

The frontman of the popular band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, a few months before his death explained how he encountered a UFO.

Chester Bennington, a 41-year-old musician, made his revelation in a dialogue with a presenter, which was later uploaded to the Fury of Awesomeness blog on YouTube.

Bennington explained how he saw the mysterious object in Arizona and stated it’s one million percent genuine since he can’t find a reasonable explanation to resolve its show-up.

“I vividly remember what I saw. I still get the creepy feeling from knowing it wasn’t man-made. It was too bizarre,” said the late superstar.

His unusual death fate drew the attention of many people who discussed different theories about it.

One fan said that Bennington just doesn’t look like the person who is able to make a suicide. Other fan disagreed saying we should let the man rest in peace.

Another struck in: “Please. Stop bringing conspiracies to the death of celebrities. He had depression. He did not die because of any aliens. Please show some respect.”

After the body was found, this strange video emerged on YouTube.

The singer was famous for being honest about his battles with his addiction and his mental health.

He revealed how the band’s most recent album, One More Night, helped him turn another page of his life, leaving the dark past behind.

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