Conspiracy Theories Of Extraterrestrials We Need To Be Aware About!

This topic about extraterrestrials is really uncomfortable because we know all the answers to all the questions.

But then again, what would happen if more and more people can gain access and find the information that the government tries so hard to keep from us? The government believes they are doing that for our own good but the real name for this is Extraterrestrials conspiracy.

Well, the only real reason why the government is hiding all these conspiracy theories is Power.

Some people even believe that they are in permanents contact with aliens and they are hiding it from us.

However, the power they have over us, with telling us what they want us to know, and selling us whatever technology they desire, is what keeps them from telling us the truth.

They keep us in ignorance and blindness and even though the alien race has not made its public appearance, we are pretty sure they exist and they are cooperating with our government.

It is hen when the question arises, why are they doing that? There are numerous of conspiracy theories about the answer to this question but probably the most logical one is that the moment they tell us the truth will be the exact moment when we will have the opportunity to accesses technology which will make every one of us an unstoppable individual. It is not at all about them protecting us or them believing the human race will panic after such a reveal. It is power, it has always been about power.

The extraterrestrial conspiracy exists from not so long ago and it stands for the fact that ultra-dimensional beings exist and they are everywhere!

There are these countries and societies that have fully accepted the fact and decided to act completely aware of the existence of aliens. It is up to every society does decide what to believe because each and every one have their own limitations and their own power. We have done things so big as a society and we have done the impossible from 100 years ago now a common thing.

In the USA for example, this is a public secret but everyone chooses to ignore it and never to talk about it. Because, if this was proven to be true it would mean that the government would have the need to share all the technology with the world. This would eventually mean that in the future we would have small devices with the capability to provide us the energy one house needs in a year.

As long as the conversation gets, as much conspiracy theories arise. For example, another very interesting information was revealed. It is said that our history probably goes way back from what we know. There are numerous of proofs about this found on the planet. Then again, what do the extraterrestrials have in common with this? What do they want from us and what is their goal?

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