Who And How Did They Craft These Ancient Artifacts With Perfect Forms Of Sphere?

There are very few answers out there for the loads of questions the humanity has. Which is probably the main reason why we settle for the understanding that because of the war many of the answers or former achievements, many ancient artifacts that would testify to our history have been destroyed.

Or maybe it is for the best and easiest thing to do because we have no other choice.

Yet, the history or the past has its own way of revealing itself like it happened in South Africa where these ancient artifacts that are older than 3 billion years were revealed. They are believed to be the remnants of a very intelligent race that lived there over 3 billion years ago.

It is believed that these people that made these newly found artifacts were very intelligent because of the very perfect and precise sphere forms they had.

These artifacts are an actual proof of the advanced technological skills in the past cultures. The ancient artifacts have perfect forms of spheres and they are an inch in diameter made out of metal. They are very smooth and as perfect as a sphere could be.

Also, the ancient artifacts are considered to be a complete mystery. This is because of the fact that they look as if they are manmade but in the time they were built, no intelligent life existed and there were not any proper technological means which could make them possible. Researchers even believe that making such perfect shapes at that time is impossible.

Others have proven that nature itself could never form such perfect things itself so they suggested that maybe there was such thing as manufacturing 3 billion years ago.

How they were built and what were they used for in the ancient times, would forever remain a mystery.

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