Diamond-Shaped UFO Seen In Siberia “Eating” Another Object And Disappearing

A video of the mysterious object flying over the houses frightened the local Siberian population.

A Russian citizen called Semyon caught on camera a strange diamond-shaped looking UFO in Yakutia in Russia’s Siberia province.

Yakutia, as the largest region in Russia, it is by itself an unexplored area, however, this event is just more than inexplicable.

The witness who took the video described the UFO had many lights and a smoky trail.

He added: “At the end of the short video, a diamond-shaped brightly illuminated ‘window’ opens up above the flying object, which disappears into it.”

After the man recorded the event, the “thing” just disappeared into a ‘diamond shaped’ object, shined for an instant and vanished like it passed into another dimension.

One rational theory explains that most likely drones and lasers were involved in the situation.

Yakutia is the largest region in Russia, and it is well-known by its diamonds.

Nevertheless, the police haven’t reported calls about strange objects in the sky.

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