Did Nostradamus Foresee Alien Attack In 2017?

You’ve all heard of Nostradamus. He was a famous predictor who left behind his famous quatrain. The phrases he used and the predictions he made go beyond the eventuality of events. The newest claim states Nostradamus predicted an alien attack in 2017.

According to claims made by psychic T. Chase, owner of the YouTube channel Revelation13, extraterrestrial powers are preparing for a massive blow against Earth.

In other words, everything commenced when Mr. Chase analyzed the book of Nostradamus and concluded he talks about an alien attack in 2017.

In one of his videos, the man alleges he was able to solve hints buried in ancient writings that finally let him create a theory concerning the probable invasion.

According to the interpreter of the prophecy quatrain, the aliens are planning a large invasion of Earth.

Mr. Chase says one of the biggest motivations for the imminent apocalypse is the Russian president Vladimir Putin. He believes he will be the reason for the World War 3. And once World War 3 starts, the alien forces will become involved.


Mr. Chase, said, “In Revelation 19 speaks about UFO invasion – “I saw the heavens open and the armies of heaven followed on white horses””.

White horses perhaps could signify a UFO or Christ and his fleet arrived to defeat the Antichrist, says Chase.

Chase says Jesus and his alien army will defeat Putin and after that, they will take over the planet, “because humans are too warlike to ever live peacefully”.

Revelation13.net says the aliens will change our DNA, to make us more rational and peaceful as well, just like them.

He pointed to Century one, quatrain 100 which reads “For a long time a grey bird will be seen in the sky”.

In spite of the fact the quatrain does not have a specific date and has previously been connected WWII, he said: “This could be a giant grey alien spacecraft seen over Europe.”

In general, most viewers haven’t given much attention to Chase’s interpretations of the Book of Revelations. However, some websites for unusual news described them as probable to happen.

If this all sounds too amazing to be true, your rational sense is still functioning. Tell us what you think?

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