This Discovery May Be One Of The First Ever Documented Solar Eclipse

Thanks to this discovery we can probably refine the dates of all the reign of Ramesses the Great. It was this passage from the Old Testament book of Joshua where the first ever recorded solar eclipse was found.

Using all the discoveries and facts, scientists from the University of Cambridge have concluded that the finds date back in 1207 B.C.E on the 30th of October.

The passage has information about Joshua’s defeat among the five kings, after the disappointment, Joshua leaves and he prays. He prayed to the Lord to hold the Sun still and stop the Moon.
Scientists have said that if this passage, is truly a description of real observation then Joshua might have both experienced and documented a major astronomical event such as a solar eclipse. However, they still claim that to pronounce his words correctly is very difficult because they all have numerous of meanings.

Most of the people that have read this passage, translated his words as if he really said that the Sun and the Moon have stopped moving.

While on the other hand, some other thinkers neglect the beliefs that this was truly the first ever documented solar eclipse and believe that what Joshua really wanted to say is that the Sun and the Moon have stopped shinning and not moving. These people rely on the original Hebrew text and also confirm that the passage can really have multiple interpretations.

In the same time, the Cambridge researchers have been trying to prove that what Joshua has experienced was really a solar eclipse but they failed in finding any events of that matter in that specific period of time.

Yet they have only looked for total solar eclipses, like the ones where the Moon covers the Sun completely. They didn’t look for any events such as annular solar eclipse where the moon partially covers the Sun because it is smaller in size and a ring of light appears around it.

After looking for such an event, the researchers have found a match that on October 30, 1207, BCE there really was an annular solar eclipse. These finds and the passage of Joshua are proving of the very first documented solar eclipse in the existence of human beings.

However, there are some other scientists that claim that the first ever recorded solar eclipse was on a monument in Ireland whose carvings were a match with a solar eclipse that happened in 3340 BCE.

Some people even believe that Solar Eclipses are very often used to point some very important date event that happened in the world.

No matter which one was the first documented solar eclipse, what is really important is that researchers are doing ga great jobat connecting and translating all the ancient finds which are really important for our history, past, as well as for discovering where and when some of life’s best events took place.

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