Experts Can’t Find An Explanation For This Half-Moon Shaped UFO

The half-moon shaped object detected on the blue sky is claimed to be absolutely incomprehensible.

Eyewitnesses claim the alleged UFO was very likely trying to synthesize with the clouds.

The UFO had a shape as a half-moon and it was noticed hovering in the sky going higher and higher.

The observers took footage of the event which was analyzed by SecureTeam10, a team of UFO specialists, who confirmed it is indeed a very weird manifestation.

Initially, the footage depicts the white object being completely curved before the full rounded shape becomes obvious.

Tyler Glockner, the Secure Team’s representative, upload the footage on his YouTube account commenting the event through the whole duration of it.

At the beginning, the video was uploaded with the description “UFO, possibly imitating a cloud.”

However, Tyler claims that after analyzing the event thoroughly it becomes evident that the object is certainly not a cloud.

He said that the occurrence is definitely abnormal.

The UFO expert has seen thousands of examples and he never encountered something shaped like this.

“This holds its shape, it seems to have some reflection off of it, and it’s is completely unexplainable,” he said.

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