It Has Finally Been Confirmed: People Are Able To Absorb Energy!

Not so long ago, a study has been discovered that confirmed plants are able to absorb energy from any other plants.

So, what if, due to this discovery, people are also able to absorb energy from other people?

Well, believe it or not, the science actually proved this is real.

Dr. Olaf Kruse is the name of the doctor that was the first to prove that a type of green alga has the power to draw energy despite the usual one that is produced by photosynthesis. A discovery such as this has gone viral and has been published online for people to see.

Human beings also need many various energies in order to grow such as sunlight, minerals, oxygen etc.  IT is the same case when it comes to plants. They too need different types of energies such as sunlight and water in order to grow, plus, they need carbon dioxide.

Which is why, in order to prove the point, the doctor pointed two types of alga’s in front of each other and very soon everyone noticed that these plants began drawing energies from plants nearby when they couldn’t get their direct source of energy. Fascinating.

He even stated that to a certain extent, we actually witness plants eating/consuming other plants by absorbing energy.

The doctor immediately compared what he has discovered to humans and stated that this is the exact same thing we humans do to each other. In fact, this is the reason why some people feel very uncomfortable in a group of people with mixed feelings and energy.

He also said that the human organism is very much like the organism of a plant. We draw energies in order to feed our emotional states which will eventually lead to increases in cortisol depending on whatever the emotional trigger is.

Also, have you ever wondered why people feel so relaxed and comforting when surrounded by nature? Doesn’t this explain that in fact, human beings absorb energy from others not only humans but animals and nature? This is why animals and some parts of nature are so energizing and uplifting to our spirits.

There is enough evidence for us now to start exploring bioenergy and understand how it works for our own good.

Energy draining is the worst thing that can happen to a human being which is why we have prepared some tips for you that will help you protect yourself:

  • Cleanse yourself

In order to do this, you need to bathe yourself in sea salt. People swear to the effectiveness of this even though It may sound strange.

  • Try to stay away from negativity

Just do your best to avoid negative energy because it is contagious! Make sure to keep yourself from any objects, places or people that light with negative energy.

  • Start grounding!

Every time you feel your energy is drained, just walk barefoot or sit on the ground. This will help you in great ways because the Earth has its way of balancing your energy.

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