Five Ancient Artifacts That Rewrote Human History

The archaeology through its wide palette of numerous artifacts enlightens the people with the manners of life their precedents had. However, many times, new artifacts are being found that not only uncovers new facts about our past but it also alters it.

Recently found artifacts tend to rewrite the dominant history of mankind we are aware of. Thus, the whole way of living off past civilization changes in the eyes of an average present-day man.

These mind-blowing findings bolster our history and broaden people’s point of view for the planet. Here are some of them:

1. Burial Parcels That Show The Pyramids Were Not Constructed by Slaves

When pyramids are mentioned, what is your first thought, besides Egypt? The public’s opinion is concentrated on the fact that these masterpieces were created by the slavery servants.

However, burial places found in 1990 by a tourist apply something else. These plots suggest the pyramids were constructed by paid workers since they were gifted with beer and bread to take to the afterlife. The workers were also put in graves near the hollowed pyramids, something that no ordinary slave would ever experience.

2. The Ancient Greeks Created The Earliest Analog Computer

The Ancient Greek civilization is very famous for being the inventor of many modern creations. Nevertheless, no one knew they also made the Antikythera Mechanism. This intricate mechanical object represents a kind of an analog computer. Hence, it includes a chain of gears and mechanisms that made users able to foresee the orbits of the planets, when eclipses happened and also to note the solar and zodiac calendars. The complex instrument was found in 1900; however, its origin is at least 100 BCE and precedes comparable technology by almost 1,000 years.

3. Painted Shells Prove The “Primitive” Neanderthals Were Capable Of Artwork

The common human’s viewpoint of Neanderthals is often depicting them as not very intelligent cavemen who were antecedents to the today’s progressive Homo sapiens.

Nonetheless, recent research tends to prove us wrong. Latest discoveries show that the Neanderthals were very much like the modern humans.

One critical discovery was the painted shells found in Italy that were surely dating before the rational human being appeared. The exquisite shells have most likely been embellished by the Neanderthals, so that means they were able to do artwork as well.

4. A 2 Million-Year-Old Skull Changed the Human Evolution

Famous as the Skull 5, this hominid skeleton is older than 1.8 million years and it was found in Dmanisi, Georgia.

Interestingly, this skull was completely saved as one entire fragment. This fact made it possible for the researchers to make a detailed analysis of its shape and characteristics.

The outcome applied that the most basic thinking about human evolution might be wrong since the fossil involves specifics that can be connected with species of early humans.

5. An Enormous Stone Carving Uncovered New Mayan Gods and Rulers

Big stone carving found in Guatemala in 2013 has changed completely the Mayan culture. This gigantic exterior involved carvings of new gods that researchers were not aware of before. Also, the facade consisted new data of how power was shifted from some groups of Mayans to others as new rulers took command.

However, the most significant fact of the carving was its own physical shape: the wall contained some remains of its original paint.

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