Flaming Object Breaking Up In Parts Seen In United Arab Emirates

Habitants of the United Arab Emirates detected a shimmering object flaring in the Earth’s atmosphere.

A blazing object speeding through the Middle Easter sky has provoked concerns among the witnesses who thought it might be a dislocated space station.

The flowing rumors indicated that the mysterious event was due to a meteor shower, a space station or even the Chinese satellite Tiangong-1.

On the other hand, The Chinese authorities stated that last year they had lost the command over an 8.5-tonne space station, named “Heavenly Palace”. Their object was anticipated to crash somewhere between October 2017 and April 2018.

James, 41, a man who lives in Abu Dhabi, said that around 7:30 pm he was chatting with a friend when they both noticed something weird in the sky burning up.

He immediately took his phone with an intention to document everything that was scampering over the sky.

“It seemed to be burning too brightly to be a meteor. I have seen fireballs before and I know they look different to meteors” – said James.

He was reading about the Chinese satellite that was about to crash on Earth these days so he thought that might be it.

Nevertheless, whatever the object was, James claimed it seemed like it was breaking up into parts.

“It certainly was an extraordinary sight, and definitely not something you see every day” – he added.

Later, the Dubai Astronomy Group gave a statement to the local news that the object was presumably a Russian Progress rocket falling back to Earth.

The Group’s representative, Hasan Al Hariri, said that while studying the video, he was absolutely sure it was falling space waste decomposing in the atmosphere.

Such types of spacecraft are handled in a way they burn in the air but don’t descend in an inhabited zone, stated the Group.

They also added that it’s an unmanned vehicle that is totally independent, it lands at the station, the equipment is evacuated and it’s sent back where it burns in the atmosphere.

“The clear evidence of a man-made object and event from a natural occurrence of a meteor fall is that meteor fireballs rush in at very high speed and burn in the atmosphere or explode in the sky leaving a trace of gas behind.

“A meteor glow would have been much bigger than what people saw last night.”

Services for satellite tracking said that the Progress craft made its ending pass before re-entry on a course across Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, tearing apart around 7:28 pm.

However, the Dubai Media Office tweeted a statement that the Dubai’s space agency asserted it was a meteor shower.

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