Former Minister Of Defense Claims Governements Are Hiding Alien Existence

A former Minister of defense blamed some highly prominent world leaders of hiding alien existence.

Paul Hellyer, an earlier Canadian minister of defense, is eager to reveal information about UFOs for which he believes it is concealed.

During a thesis speech at the University of Calgary, he said that much of the media won’t even touch the documents.

He added that the public will ask the truth from the world leaders someday eventually.

Hellyer, who is now 91 years old, initially spoke about extraterrestrial life in 2005 and that is how he became the first politician with high status whoever did that.

He believes aliens have been coming to Earth for years but they are not fascinated with our way of living.

Hellyer said people are spending way too much time fighting with each other, too much money on military expenses and never enough for feeding the poor and homeless people.

The ex-minister opened up about his alien beliefs last year on a Russian TV program. He claimed they are walking among us but they deny dividing their technology until we change our way of living.

He revealed to Russian’s program Sophie Co there are 80 distinct species of aliens and some of them look just like we do so we can’t recognize them even if we walk past them.

In the very same interview, he made several statements about extraterrestrial life which grew very unusual suspicions.

We have a long history of UFOs and of course, there has been a lot more activity in the last few decades since we invented the atomic bomb, he said.

Hellyer also said that the aliens are very worried if we use an atomic bomb again because it will affect not just us but our entire cosmos.

Anyway, he was quite sure aliens would like to help us more than they want to demolish us.

‘I would say that nearly all are benign and benevolent and they do want to help us, there may be one or two species which do not,’ he said.

Hellyer suggested that aliens are carrying a load of our modern technology because they created the LED light, microchip and Kevlar vest.

He admitted he never had an alien encounter, but he certainly experienced a UFO sighting near his cabin on Ontario’s Lake Muskoka.

Hellyer characterized a few types of aliens, including the race called “Tall Whites” for who he said they collaborate with the US air force in Nevada.

‘They’re able to get away with that; they had a couple of their ladies dressed as nuns go to Las Vegas to shop and they weren’t detected,’ he claimed.

He also described another race so-called “Short Greys” who have thin arms and legs and are about five feet tall.

The third group he mentioned were the “Nordic Blondes” for who he said are probably found in Denmark.

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