Frightened Russians Claim They Are Under Alien Attack

Footage of frightening fireballs flaming in the air has caused the locals in the Russian hotspot area and generally, people around the world, to “lose it.”

The fear of the Russians who witnessed the event can be heard in the footage through their shouting. The bright fireballs caused them to think they are being attacked by extraterrestrial beings.

The video was made by the spectator named Alexander Sindetsky and it depicts the lights that fly above the heads of the people in the Russian city of Krasnodar.

“We’re under attack,” he yelled, as he recorded the happening in the night sky.

People around him sharply draw their breath while another local, identified as Anastasia K. said: “I’m next to the Kisses Bridge in Krasnodar, and a huge fireball flew towards Turgenevsky Bridge. It slowly fell, and then disappeared.”

Furthermore, the fireball appears to break up into three parts and continue its travel across the black sky.

Another eyewitness reported the balls were flying fast when they split into various fragments, less bright than the core.

The UFO was noticeable in Krasnodar and the surrounding region, which lies on the Black Sea coast.

Some observers tend to think the most rational explanation is that a meteor broke up in the sky above Krasnodar.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has a summer house in the area, in the resort city Sochi.

However, it was not stated clear if he was there at the time of the event.

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  1. These Fireballs are no more then falling meteors or space junk ! Fools !

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