Ghost Spotted In A Footage Made In Gettysburg

Most of the places that attract tourists are either some very new and famous tourist attraction or they are important places in the history where something really important took place.

Well, these places also attract ghost hunters and not just regular tourists because they believe it is the most probable place where ghosts could be found. One of those places and there are plenty in the world is Gettysburg.

There is even ghost spotted in a footage as a proof that there really is some kind of paranormal activity in Gettysburg.

However, knowing the history of the place and how bloody it was, it is no wonder why this place is probably haunted by ghosts. The battle that took place in Gettysburg happened on the 3rd of July in 1863 and it is considered the most important encounter that happened during the American Civil War. More than 51.000 have lost their lives, were gone missing or were injured in this battle that even until today it is considered as the bloodiest battle of the war overall!

This place is the exact location where two troops violently met and had the hardest battle In the history of the United States.

Which is why, the rumors that this place is probably the most haunted place with ghost spotted all over it, are probably true! Also, people were reporting hearing voices and screams as well as musket shots.

Others claim that they have spotted forms of paranormal activity both most of them don’t have any proofs of it except their words. Thanks to this video, you can see very clearly the ghost spotted it and you just can’t deny the fact that this place is really haunted! Just keep focused and you will not miss it.

Watch closely for the ghost near the 1:45 mark:

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