History’s Most Heinous UFO Sightings (Part Two)

The UFOs are no longer a phenomenon among the people because their sightings are happening more often and often. Some of them are so well documented they make us ask ourselves: Is this real or is it a part of our imagination?

In the previous post, we mentioned some of the most infamous UFO sightings in the history, and in this one, we offer you even more:

1. TEHRAN, 1976

September 19, 1976, was just a regular day in Tehran, Iran, until citizens started seeing a bright light in the sky and immediately reported it. The police sent an F-4 fighter jet to explore the situation, but as it got nearer, its instruments cut off so the pilot had to return back to base. After this, a second jet was sent which appeared to achieve radar lock as it got near the strange light. Nonetheless, according to the pilot, the alleged UFO discharged a shimmering object, like a bomb, aimed at him. The pilot wanted to defend himself, but the fighter jet suffered the same failure like the previous one when another blasting object was released from the craft. The pilot rushed to return back to the ground for safety reasons. After this event, Iran talked to the United States to help with the event’s clarification. US Airforce chief, Colonel Olin Mooy, explained all the reasons for that night’s events.

Iran F-4 fighter jets. (Credit: Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images)
The September 19, 1976, incident in Tehran, Iran


He said that the light the civilians saw might have been the planet Jupiter and the fighter jets that were released had a long experience of malfunction. Anyway, the first F-4 was never turned in for maintenance following the event, so there is no indication that its instruments failed. About the alleged “bombing”, they explained it was a meteor shower.


A general view of disused missile silos at the former RAF Bentwaters base near Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk where an alleged alien interference with US nuclear weapons site took place. (Credit: PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo)

In the winter of 1980, US Airforce members located at two British Royal Airforce bases, Woodbridge and Bentwaters, filled a report that they have seen weird, colorful lights above Rendlesham Forest, near London.

A man who went into the forest to explore said that he saw something that looked like a spacecraft and the very next day it was confirmed that the local trees were damaged and there was a higher level of radiation. More and more sightings were reported in the next few days. Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt put his thoughts on an audio tape as he observed the mysterious lights and that type represents probably the most powerful proof of the incident.

However, the UK’s Ministry of Defence supervised the reports of the events but didn’t find any believable danger to the nation hence did not launch any further thorough check.

3. THE BELGIUM WAVE, 1989-90

At the end of November 1989, inhabitants of Belgium saw a big, triangular UFO floating in the sky. The reports were only visually described and no traces of UFOs were found. However, a few months later, in 1990, there was another report of UFO sightings which was now confirmed by two military ground radar stations. Two F-16 fighter jets were sent to inspect the abnormalities. The pilots noted that the UFO was moving at an incredible speed so they ended up losing its trace. This event was seen by more than 13,000 people, which makes it one of the most widely spread UFO sighting in the world history.

The Belgian Airforce didn’t give a logical explanation for the situation; however, it admitted that a mysterious activity was going on. They asked for help from the UK’s Ministry of Defence but they didn’t offer their help since they considered the event was not aggressive.

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