The Holy Grail Of Shipwrecks Just Washed Ashore In Florida

Grail Of Shipwrecks

An enormous cast of a nicely protected 18th-century vessel, called The Holy Grail of Shipwrecks has washed out on a shore in Florida. Along with it also came copper remains and multiple Roman numeral works of arts, surprisingly, very well-preserved.

The remnants of the shipwrecks were discovered by Julie Turner and her son Patrick whilst their usual walk on the beach.

However, they weren’t aware that their discovery was a historically famous vessel, so-called the ‘holy grail’ of shipwrecks.

It wasn’t long until history and marine experts started coming to the beach in Florida where the amazing sight washed ashore. Everybody was curious to snap a picture and analyze as much as it can be done about the shipwreck.

According to the experts, the wreck probably remained under sand for decades, eventually appearing as a result of a storm.

The owner of a Spanish antique store, Marc Anthony is a treasure hunter. He told Action News Jax that the shipwreck most likely belongs to the 18th century.

However, a further research revealed copper tack heads. Experts say they serve as proof to confirm the whole vessel was once covered in copper. Moreover, they discovered wooden pegs and nails on wooden poles too.

The most important thing was the Roman numerals engraved on the ship’s ribs. Notably, they were almost as good as intact.

The woman who found the shipwrecks said that she instantly knew, they had found an ancient monument.

“We walked and checked it out and immediately knew it was a historical piece of an artifact,” she said.

“When I looked out the window, it was immediately a ship,” added her son Patrick.

“Taking lots of notes, doing drawings, mapping it out. There are so many details that go into trying to assess the date, where it came from,” said Tonya Creamer of St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum.

“This is state land, state beach area, so we just share our knowledge and our information, what we’re documenting right now, with officials and it’s up to them what to do next,” added Creamer.

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