These Inexplicable UFO Encounters Will Give You The Chills!

The bizarre marking on the woman's stomach appeared days after she saw a mysterious woman in her house (Image: CASCADE NEWS)

Either you are a believer or a skeptic; these cases will give you the chills!

One of the best British UFO explorers, Philip Mantle, says he owns proof of alien existence. He now uncovered some details of some incredible encounters and trust me, they are terrifying.


In 1971, Alan Turner, Wing Commander at RAF Sopley, noticed something weird in the sky.

He explained he saw objects clambering with rapid speed from 3000 ft to 60,000 ft, outside the limits of the aircrafts that existed at that time.

Turner said the objects emerged from a point of 20 nautical miles east of the eastern extremity of the Salisbury Plain Danger Area and they were a pattern of six or seven glitches moving on a south-easterly track, each being about 6 miles behind the other.

Wing Commander Alan Turner was left stunned by the mysterious objects whirring on the radars (Image: CASCADE NEWS)

In addition, he applied about 40 miles from the point they came out on radar they vanished to be further followed nearly right away by a substitute at the origin location.

Turner put the FPS 6 Height Finder on some entries only to find out they were about 3,000 ft when they appeared on radar and disappeared with a rapid climbing in excess of 60,000 feet.

“To climb to such a height in only forty miles was beyond the ability of any fighter aircraft at the time,” he said.

By the same token, he and his colleague were not the only ones who saw the weird UFOs whizzing in the air.

He called Heathrow Radar and found out they also noticed a comparable picture and so did the Fighter Control Operations Rooms at RAF Neatishead.

“I am at a loss to explain what I, and many other people, saw. In those days aircraft could not climb at such a rate.

“To be seen on displays by three different ground radars, plus the airborne radar in the Canberra, is also a mystery,” said Turner confused.


Before you say Photoshop, it was proven the photos taken by Roy and Ralph Keen in 1995 are authentic.

Mr. Keane said at the time: “Each time the ‘object’ was photographed, it appeared to be moving on a trajectory to our right as we looked up at it.”

He also said that almost right after every photograph was taken, the object lingered, then plunged and moved to the left. And every time the object repeated this action, he and his son ran across the house trying to perceive where it moved.

Experts said the photos taken by Mr. Keane and his son were not doctored (Image: CASCADE NEWS)

A photographic expert examined the photographs and reported that even though he used extreme gamma adjustments and edge detection algorithms he didn’t find supporting wires or other linear edged features.

The bizarre encounter is in Mr. Mantle’s top five secret X-Files (Image: CASCADE NEWS)

That meant only one thing: The mysterious object was not hanging on a wire.

The expert said that the object indeed represents a solid reflective object that remains unsupported in the air. Because of the high shade speed, it may be moving at reasonable speed with any recognizable image blurring.


A woman named Josephine Howard was lowkey passing the street when she coincidentally looked up in the sky and noticed two, spherical red lights.

Mr. Mantle said the lights were as big as usual car headlights. Mrs. Howard curiously climbed to take a better look and she noticed the lights do not replicate beaming nor they produce noise.

Mrs. Howard drew this detailed drawing of her encounter (Image: CASCADE NEWS)

The eyewitness observed the object for full eight minutes, which is a pretty long time for usual UFO encounters.

Mrs. Howard made an approximate calculation the object was around 200-300 feet above her.

She said she couldn’t see the lights as it moved atop but she could see the object’s bottom.

The woman described the object as very large and heavy, moving without leaving any noise, which was quite weird.

She observed the object until it completely got out of her eyesight with a great speed.


Doctors couldn’t explain what happened to a 50-year-old woman from Mezzobbereny in Hungary.

Apparently, she was at home with her husband when black egg-shaped object broke across the kitchen with wavy moves emitting strong grunting sounds.

The top of the part then developed a blue-grey color with a vibrating orange vertical stripe. Next to the stripe, there was a woman who looked straight at the witness.

The witness was feeling physically fine, but she was incapable to talk. She pursued the mysterious woman into another room, but when she went in, the woman had disappeared.

The bizarre marking on the woman’s stomach appeared days after she saw a mysterious woman in her house (Image: CASCADE NEWS)


Her husband heard her story but he didn’t believe it.

The weekend went seemingly fine, but on Monday, the woman felt extremely exhausted and went to bed very early.

Out of nowhere, she claimed she heard a woman asking her to lift up her arm. When she did this action, she felt a strong pain in her elbow.

Following this, she went barefoot into the garden where she saw an object that looked like a cabin.

Mr. Mantle explained the further events saying that the witness went inside the “cabin” but she didn’t see anyone there even though she constantly felt a presence.

When she came to her senses, she went back to bed with a severe pain in her abdomen. The next few days she appeared to have grown numerous large red marks on the upper part of her abdomen and in the lower part of her breasts.

The markings weren’t either painful or itchy, either sensitive to hot or cold water.

After this, she had another series of close encounters in the next few weeks.

Neither the lady involved nor her doctor could find a rational explanation for the strange marks on her body.

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