Is This A Real Image Depicting An Alien From The Roswell 1947 Incident

The video is 1947 documentation of the alien’s examination of the dead boy after the famous Roswell UFO crash.

The image copy sent by the British music producer named Ray Santilli behind a fake “alien” autopsy video that deluded the world back in 1995

Alien hunters rely on the fact that Ray Santilli had retrieved authentic US military picture of the Roswell event which supposedly was associated with a UFO crashing down leaving bodies of aliens in July 1947.

However, for their displeasure, the film was later described as orchestrated by actors.

The bluff was brought back into publicity after Ray Santilli engaged Spyros Melaris to make a black and white movie about the story of his association in a one-man West End show.

Mr. Santilli responded to the public that the hoax was a reproduction of the original 1947 recording that he took before the fake one which was filmed with very bad quality.

He submitted a blurred image for which he claimed it was the original one to prove he’s telling the real situation.

Roswell 1947 accident1

This image allegedly represents a structure which might be an alien, down on the ground.

Nevertheless, pessimists claim this is just another frame.

Scott Brando who runs also analyzed UFOs and alien images and videos so he can determine what this is really about.

He later stated that Mr. Santilli contributed an image that looks like a grainy still from the 1995 fake alien autopsy film. By comparing it with a still from the 1995 video, he said the image looked like it was discomposed to look older.

Alejandro Rojas, the host of Open Minds Radio, commented Brando’s observations as recognizable.

He declared that Mr. Santilli might leak the whole movie in the future but that would require lots of financial resources and still to show an uncertain end.

The founder of defense technology firm Unicorn, Andre Milne, also commented the “new 1947 picture”.

He said that he made a forensic comparison of this particular image and the fake autopsy film.

Contacting Mr. Santilli to ask if the image was from the 1995 hoax, he just got a return email saying “1947” and nothing else.

After that, he was also asked if the still is from the 1947 original recording and not from the 1995 hoax movie, he just replied he is driving and he can’t talk.

Alien seekers have been urging to find evidence for extraterrestrial life since the day when the Roswell accident happened and allegedly aliens crashed down.

They claim US government camouflaged the whole event by hiding the evidence in the military basement.

This is one of the biggest conspiracy theories in the world, but it was debunked with the released 1995 hoax video.

Mr. Santilli claims that in 1992, while he was working on another project, he was asked by the cameraman if he had any idea of the Roswell occurrences that happened in 1947.

The cameraman declared himself as the responsible, who worked on the army air force when the whole alien autopsy story was filmed.

Mr. Melaris unraveled in his show that the video was produced inside a London flat, thousands of miles away from the US base.

After seeing the “1947 still” it was published that Mr. Melaris hit back at claims the 1995 film was a recreation of some unseen genuine footage.

He said: “I will also prove that there is no real 1947 footage. There never was. Mr. Santilli has called this film a restoration.

“There was never any real film to restore. It isn’t even a recreation. It is a work of art.

Both have now agreed to take a lie detector and to publish the real story after that.

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