Jupiter-Sized UFO Crashed On The Sun’s Surface: Why Did It Collide?

Conspiracy theorists had burst after they found some pictures from Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft, managed by European Space Agency and National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which depict an alleged Jupiter-sized UFO crashed into the sun.

The UFO was said to have a see-through group of rings.

Many people claim the spacecraft slammed unintentionally, while others imply the UFO was simply using the sun’s power to refuel.

The video posted by Paranormal Crucible has suggested the object has approximately the size of the planet of Jupiter.

Supposedly, after the enormous craft splintered into the sun, it produced a luminous beam.

Moreover, scientists still haven’t found the reasonable explanation for the baffling situation.

This is not the very first-time conspiracy theories about alien spacecraft flying over the sun’s surface have flown in the public. Starting last year, there have been a lot of pictures online that prove as evidence for conspiracy theorists to claim that extraterrestrial spacecraft are refilling with the power of the sun.

A YouTube user named StreetCap1 also posted the video of the alleged enormous UFO sucking up the solar power.

Some UFO stalkers who observed the footage believe the UFO is glimmering white but seems yellow because of the sun. They also added the spacecraft is made from a weird material that doesn’t suffer consequences from the sun’s surface.

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