Do You Know Where Atlantis Existed?

There are people nowadays that are still looking for this very famous and mysterious continent known by the name of Atlantis. Even Plato once claimed that this continent indeed existed somewhere upon the Earth.

Some Indiana Jones type of archeologists are still looking for this place and some of them even claim to have found evidence of the existence of Atlantis.
Well, if this continent really truly existed these are some of the places where that could actually be:

1. Cyprus

Many archeologists believe that the lost city of Atlantis I really located in the Mediterranean Sea and some architects claim that it existed in the Cyprus Basin. The evidence that they found were these very ancient buildings which looked exactly the same as Plato described them.

2. Santorini

The majority of archeologist believe that this is where Atlantis was located. Well, this really sounds and looks real if you believe the stories of Plato. The rocks in Santorini, the white stone and the whole look of this island is exactly the same as Plato described Atlantis in his texts.

3. Black Sea

Others believe that this is the place Plato describes and they even found evidence of the existence of humans underwater which matches the story of the flood in Atlantis that Plato describes. This story is believed to have inspired the flood and the story of Noah’s ark.

4. Spartel Bank

Several authors have proposed this island as the place where once Atlantis existed. They claim that the archipelago of smaller islands fit the story of Plato completely and that the rising sea level is what caused the island to sink in.

So what do you think now? Where did Atlantis really exist? You may find your answer here if you believe Plato’s stories. You also may believe that Atlantis was nothing but a fictional land, it Is up to you.

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