Living Alien In Nazca Tomb Where Mummified Alien Remains Were Discovered

Theorists claim that living alien beings were spotted inside a Nazca tomb, along with other 20 mummified otherworldly corpses.

Many people labeled this story as fake. However, it has gone viral on the internet like a bat out of hell.

A shocking sudden development in one old story says that there are living aliens among the mummified remnants of “three-fingered bodies”.

UFO researchers from the UK, Steve Mera and Barry Fitzgerald reported their beliefs in a video documentary. In the video, they outlined their aim to examine the alien bodies in Peru.

Moreover, they talked to people from the Inkari Institute, an archaeological research team in Cusco, Peru.

Allegedly, they took the bodies by under-the-counter tomb raiders. They said they have discovered the Nazca tomb in a secret area in Nazca, Peru.

According to Mr. Mera, they were told that the bodies came up from a secret Nazca tomb.

“Inside were two sarcophagi, one of which contained around 20 small bodies, all of which around two feet in length, some missing their heads which were later found throughout the interconnecting tunnels,” said Mera.

“There were even claims of discoverers seeing live entities fleeing down tunnels on arrival”.

Furthermore, they said that a large creature with three fingers and a child also located in the near area.

The new YouTube video appears on the UAMN TV channel. It demonstrates a conversation between Mr. Mera and institute’s representatives, including president Thierry Jamin.

Flor Amanowicz, of alternative news source Nexus Magazine, was Mr. Jamin’s translator.

She said: “And they also saw live biological beings, entities two meters in size, but they escaped.”

Recently, we published some articles commenting on the secret tomb where allegedly there was mummified alien remains in Peru., the website that made these bizarre claims, says that at least five mummified aliens were buried in the Nazca tomb.

The website has issued five videos regarding the claims and asserts a legitimate research is reportedly knocking on the door.

Scientists from the Peruvian World Congress on Mummy Studies issued some statements saying the creatures were false. They further said the creatures were real human remains.

Soon after, they required an official investigation whether it’s an archaeological crime in question.

In the last video, Melissa Tittle, director of original content says: “We are going to give it [the baby] a cat scan, X-ray and samples taken.”

Dr Konstantin Korotkov, Deputy Director of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture, in Russia, said: “It’s important that I was able to take sample from the baby because and it was bone, little bone, because it is a solid bone, and it is much easier to make analysis from solid bone than from compared with just tissue.

“You get a very clear answer of what the dating of this sample is, what the DNA analysis is of this sample because I have no doubt it is a being, just a little being. Is it male, is it female, what are the genes?”

About an X-ray of the object, Dr. Korotkov also made a comment. He said it has a similar construction like ours.

However, another footage shows what appears to be a path to the Nazca tomb. We can indeed see mummified remains there.

Mr. Maussan said at a press conference that the mummified bodies once coincided together with humans.

“This means that they had coexisted with our ancestors, were not enemies and had, to a certain extent, a degree of respect between both races or cultures,” he stated.

The controversial website, however, claims the bones are 1,700 years old and the beings have three fingers and elongated skulls.


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