Man Claims He Saw An Otherworldly UFO Shining Brightly In The Sky

A baffling footage has been published showing a mysterious white disk floating in the day sky in one of Britain’s UFO areas.

The witness saw something for which he claims it is not from our world, hovering in the sky and blinking peculiarly.

However, he didn’t comprehend how strange the images really are until he saw his footage once again.

Bob Wise, 49, reported his sighting happened around 12 pm, in broad daylight, in East Hampstead.

Due to the fact it was summer, the sky was bright and clear. The object just appeared out of nowhere and stood there, making the man curious to document it.

Mr. Wise said the object was immobile and just flashing. At the beginning, it was blurred, but with the time passing it became brighter and brighter.

Bob’s photos are made up of three seconds video footage, so when he edited the live photos together, he then realized how strange the object really is.

He described the UFO as the shape as a “ball bearing” saying it was standing in the air for approximately six to seven minutes when it finally moved slowly across the sky.

Bob resolutely claimed what he saw didn’t belong to our planet.

“My gut reaction is that it’s not ours. It was incredibly bright, it appeared to have its own life source”, he stated.

The light actually reminded him of burning magnesium which he saw in chemistry lessons at school.

He has seen many flying objects in this area, but he claimed this is not a usual one.

Mr. Wise swore he didn’t edit or tamper the video, but he just released it as it was on his phone.

He believes this could have a rational explanation, like some atmospheric occurrence, but he also has an open mind it could be something extraterrestrial.

Bracknell has seen a number of high profile UFO sightings over the years.

In 2013, a pilot was flying 34,000 ft over the town when he saw a “bright silver, rugby-ball-shaped” craft going against him.

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