The Newest Mars Rover Mission Will Reveal If There Is Alien Life

The new Mars rover mission has a full potential to finally expose whether we are alone in the cosmos.

NASA has announced how they expect the rover to finally reveal if there are signs of extraterrestrial existence on Mars or not.

The new enhanced unmanned craft is the part of the 2020’s Mars rover mission.

The purpose is to look for evidence of old microbial life since there are numerous theories the Red Planet was once habitable.

The mission’s inventors described it as the follower of the 2012’s Curiosity rover, which is still revolving around Mars. Furthermore, they said the rover is similar to the previous, only this time they used more modern technology.

The vehicle will apparently include sensors able to analyze the Red Planet’s territory. Probing below and over its surface, it will gather soil and rock units to study them for clues of life.

“What we learn from the samples collected during this mission has the potential to address whether we’re alone in the universe,” said Ken Farley, a JPL scientist of the 2020’s Mars rover mission.

The director of the NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, Jim Watzin, said that they already have a pretty much-designed hardware based on the previous rover, which will save them money, time and most importantly – risk.

NASA has done a lot of work ever since the Curiosity has landed on Mars. The information it collected offers abundant evidence which can be studied better using greater technology.

The technology contains X-ray spectrometer that can detect even the tiniest spots and an ultraviolet laser. These advancements will help to detect hints for life at the scale of microbes.

The rover will ship to Mars using a new journey degree and a unique ‘sky crane’. This means the new rover would be able to explore spots the Curiosity couldn’t.

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