The Moon Is Actually An Alien Observatory

Alien Observatory

Claiming the Moon is created by aliens sounds ridiculous; still, it makes us wonder. And of course, there are the facts that feed this theory and our imagination as well.

We are an advanced civilization that made it to the Moon. These expeditions have brought us abundant data about it; yet, our planet’s natural satellite remains a mystery for the researchers.

Many ufologists believe the Moon is not just a natural satellite, but it’s created by someone more advanced than us, probably aliens, with an intention to use it as an observation area to study humankind.

On the other hands, other believe aliens are not so much interested in mankind and only use the Moon as a watchtower to see if ever intend to leave Earth and travel through space.

A NASA scientist, Robin Brett, once stated that it looks easier to explain the non existence of the Moon that its existence.

These are few weird facts that will make us rethink who actually built the Moon from its base.

In 1969, USA constructed a space capsule whose aim was to crash into the Moon in order to study the effects from it. The estimated force per impact was around one thousand Kilograms of TNT.

The experts who observed the crash waves were stunned by the outcome. The Moon has made a sound that simulated the one of an enormous bell with a half an hour echo.

Ken Johnson, who controlled photography and information, also said the Moon vibrated in a symmetric line like it had huge hydraulic hindrance struts inside.

In the 70s, Alexander Shcerbakov and Mikhail Vasin released an article where they posed the question: “Is the Moon the creation of Alien Intelligence?” The article included some quite serious questions and facts that challenged any rational explanations.

The only part of the Moon that can be studied is its surface, which includes minerals and uncommonly hard matter.

However, the samples taken from there showed signs of forged metal material, which is impossible to have been formed there by itself.

Scientists found particles of highly processed Uranium which science was never able to attain through natural development. It makes it clear the Moon is not inactive as we believe and we are thought it is.

Another fact is that the Moon itself is older than 4, 5 billion years or simply, it’s older than Earth for about a one million years. The Moon is different than any other known satellite in the whole universe. It depicts a flawless rounded orbit and no matter from where you look at it, its other side will never be visible.Alien Observatory1

Titanium is a very expensive material here on Earth that we use to develop advanced technology, like spacecraft. The Moon’s rocks have a large quantity of it inside them. Harold Urey, a Nobel Prize winning chemist, is still very intrigued by this fact.

However, strange facts pop up every day and science is not able to answer all the questions that arise among us. What is the Moon? Where did it come from? What do you think?

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