A Motorist Spotted Aliens In The Sky!

This motorist was beyond stunned and excited when he claimed that he saw a giant organism flying in the sky. He claims that he spotted aliens with gigantic green tails. Conspiracy theorists claim that they even have proof and a video of this giant green organism flying in the sky!

After the motorist explain what the saw the authorities got the baffling footage on which the motorist was shown to stop his journey and pointed his camera up in the sky. He was caught by surprise by the giant organism in the sky and he reached for his phone in order to get proofs that he has spotted aliens.

He uses his camera to zoom in and finally realize that the organism has a long green tail. Before the video comes to an end, it looks like the organism is hurtling into the Earth’s atmosphere.

This video was filmed in California and the motorist didn’t keep it private. He called the authorities immediately and he also uploaded the video to groups of UFO fanatics claiming that he spotted aliens.

The video went viral and the comments and reviews about it were mixed and everyone has had different theories about what the thing on the video is. A YouTube conspiracy theorists even admitted that at first, he thought that the form is a weather balloon sighting. But then again, he says that weather balloons don’t act like that and they are in a completely different shape. He says that the object caught on camera has amazing colors and that it constantly morphs its shape.

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