Mysterious Alien Boxes Discoveries Have Been Recorded Near Egypt’s Pyramids Of Giza

Alien Boxes Discoveries

These very mysterious and important alien boxes discoveries have been found near the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and they have shapes of big black boxes.

These boxes weigh a lot more than 100 tons because they are made out of solid Aswan granite. It was stated that these boxes are made with great engineering precision which gives them great tolerance. Such tolerance nowadays is truly remarkable.

Yet these alien boxes discoveries raise a lot of unanswered questions. For example, why are these boxes built? Why are they hidden here and what is their purpose? What were aliens planning to do with them?

Alien Boxes Discoveries

Also, how were they built? And why are there 24 of them?

Fat the beginning, many of the researchers thought that these black boxes were built by the ancient Egyptians for their pharaohs. Yet, why would they build them and then hide then in caves?

The researchers have found zero evidence that Egyptians actually craved these boxes. They were also pretty sure that a race far more intelligent and far more skilled than ours have made and placed these boxes there because even today with this technology we would not be able to produce something as perfect as these alien boxes discoveries.

Which leads us to the only option that aliens actually made these black boxes, came to Earth and hid them well for the human race never to find them. But why all this trouble? What is their purpose and what do they mean? Are aliens watching us? Or they are trying to communicate with us?

A lot of unanswered questions and numerous of theories raised upon these alien boxes discoveries and yet one thing is for sure: More and more evidence of another form of life is appearing and we can’t neglect this!

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