Mysterious Flying Saucer Spotted Hovering Over The Statue Of Liberty

An apparent image reveals a UFO flying over the one of the world best-known monuments – the Statue of Liberty. This was followed by a conspiracy theory that implied Independence Day-style alien arrival.

The image depicts a luminous saucer that diffuses light beams.

Apparently, it was taken en route on a boat passing the Hudson River the afternoon when the event had happened.

However, experts that revised the situation claim the mysterious object is just a mirror image of a light on glass since the image was taken through a window.

Many times the witnesses notice the abnormality after they go over the pictures one more time which means the inside lights mirrored on the window could take the fall for many alleged UFO sightings.

Scott Brando, who runs a website for revealing fake UFO sightings said: “The picture was taken from a boat, behind a window. So, it’s just a reflection of a light inside the boat.”

However, his personal opinion didn’t prevent other websites to hypothesize what this mysterious object could actually represent.

One of conspiracy theorists implied it could be even tourist-oriented aliens.

He wrote: “If you had been an alien and needed to see a number of the American traditions, what would you need to see? The Statue of Liberty of course.”

Scott Waring, the editor of UFO Sightings Daily, said that the US military technology is not adequate enough to recognize the aliens. “It simply goes to indicate how previous tech most army radars are,” he added.

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