Mysterious Footage Of A UFO Leaving Earth

The mystery of the video of a UFO apparently docking on Earth has become very popular on the internet.

According to the reports of the eyewitnesses, the footage depicts a spacecraft landing on Earth with flashing lights.

However, many skeptics just say the whole thing is a hazardous hoax for someone to make money.

Media channels don’t know the exact source of the video, however, its first show-up was on a Spanish Facebook page called “El despertar a un Nuevo mundo” which means “Waking Up In A New World.”

The page talks about the event’s details saying its precise location and time was in Arizona in November 2016.

Scott Brando, the leader of the webpage called UFO of Interest that reveals fake UFO sightings already marked the situation as a hoax.

“Yes, it is a fake CGI. There are previous sharings about the same video being fake,” he said.

In disagreement with him, Scott C. Waring from UFO Sightings Daily said that the fact this sighting happened in Arizona, a famous place for UFO encounters and Alien bases, makes it a solid evidence for alien existence.

He said that even though it looks like a meteorite, it is not, it is an alien craft that is ready to leave the Earth to fly up the sky.

The alien believers already said they NASA is hiding an enormous UFO secret but the encounters constantly uncover their enigma.

However, NASA’s reply was simple as that: They said the sighting could be a result of space debris.

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