Mysterious Red Lights: Did A UFO Land In Budapest?

While an inscrutable thunderstorm rained ice and lighting in Budapest, a bold videographer claims he took footage of an impressive UFO landing in the city surrounded with an immense explosion.

The beaming red lights detected in the night sky of Budapest set concern and fear among the locals of an alien invasion.

The eyewitnesses described the event as a mysterious UFO landing followed by a late-night thunderstorm.

A careful videographer, Martin Zsótér happened to be filming a video of the storm just as the UFO allegedly landed.

He uploaded his short video on his YouTube channel and we can definitely say it depicts something unexplainable – a huge explosion of light that briefly brights the entire sky.

“UFO’s landed in Budapest XXI. A District, in the thunderstorm,” he wrote.

However, Martin was not the only one to testify the enigmatic light source.

An online user, called HU MFM, said that they saw this weird sensation incredible five times, calling it a “something red”.

Local officials haven’t pronounced any rational explanation for the events.

Residents were left to hypothesize. Are aliens currently shape-shifting into human form to penetrate into Hungarian society? See the video and decide for yourself.

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