Mysterious Tunguska Explosion – Act of Nikola Tesla, Aliens or Comet

One hundred years have passed since the inexplicable Tunguska explosion in Siberia demolished a locality in proportion as big as Tokyo. The reasons that lead to it are still debatable.

There have been asked many controversial questions, such as if the Earth was wrecked straight from the space or it was a natural ground cause instead.
The most famous conjecture was that the explosion was a consequence of the work of a UFO or Nikola Tesla’s “Death Ray”.


Nearly 2,000 square kilometers of the Siberian forest were leveled on June 30, 1908, by the mysterious explosion. The estimated amount of intensity that scientists measured was about 10 to 20 megatons of TNT, which is actually 1,000 times stronger than the atom bomb in Hiroshima.

The abiding belief about the cause of the explosion is an immense collision from an asteroid or a comet. The investigation led the researchers to think that the event was caused by an asteroid bursting in Earth’s atmosphere with an average of 30 meters wide and 617,300 in mass.

However, the current supercomputer simulations apply that the asteroid which was the reason for the destruction was way too smaller.
Sandia National Laboratory’s physicist Mark Boslough and his colleagues allege that the asteroid would have been a circumstance of three even four times smaller in mass and 20 meters in diameter. As the asteroid burst and fell into Earth’s atmosphere, Boslough roughly computed that it would have produced a supersonic jet of expanding superheated gas.


In the reports of the forest rangers, it was said that the forest, at that time, was in a very bad sanitary state, meaning it was not required much dynamism to knockout the trees. Likewise, the cyclone from the eruption would get augmented exceeding the ridge and cause the explosion to look more forceful than it really was. In Boslough’s opinion, the odds were better than the explosion was only between 3 to 5 megatons.

Boslough explains how the mainstream opinion that the brunt was stony, carboniferous asteroid, is not indeed accurate. He points out that there are a lot smaller Earth-crossing asteroids than comets at least by a couple orders of magnitude and while it’s unlikely to be a comet, he is not assured it’s physically not possible.

NASA’s involvement with the event was connected with the statement of the scientist called David Morrison, who said that if they discover the size of “the thing” which stroked Tunguska they would also come upon how frequently such a calamitous impact might crop up. David Morrison emphasized the importance of the small objects and their fortitude to possibly destruct the “next Tunguska”.


On the other hand, some researchers, such as the astrophysicist Wolfgang Kundt, have different assumptions about the whole situation. They advocate how the explosion developed beneath the ground as a result of the eruption of kimberlite – a volcanic rock famous for holding diamonds.

Kundt applies how the explosion came from the liquefy earth, around 3,000 kilometers deep. He explains his theory saying that the deeply accumulated natural gas would become a gas when it reaches the exterior and expands by a factor of thousand in volume, causing an enormous explosion. To justify his opinion he noted the design the trees fell in, along with the chemical deviations.


During the years, the Tunguska explosion resulted in an appearance of many theories. Some of these theories are inexplicable and weird. Here are some of them:

• A UFO collision: The famous science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev, inspired from the resemblance between Tunguska and Hiroshima, wrote a fable in which he claims that the Tunguska explosion was the exploding nuclear mill of a spaceship from the planet Mars. He was supported by his fellow Russian scientists who said they found miscellaneous evidence for a civilized alien nation.
• The utter destruction of a dollop of antimatter from space, which doesn’t consider the mineral remnants the explosion left behind.
• A Nicola Tesla “death ray”: The famous scientists who laid the groundwork for the radio and the modern electric power, was regularly labeled as a foolish, demented scientist. There was a story which asserted that he took a test – fire of a death ray on the same day as the explosion and later, once he found out about the explosion, he got rid of the weapon.

The Tunguska event, being as mysterious as it is, will probably always bring up new dubious hypotheses. The question is whether someone will ever find out what really happened on June 30, 1908, or not. The enigma continues until then.

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