A New Roswell Event Witness Appeared And His Statement Shook Up Everyone

In an interview, former US Deputy Sheriff Charlie Forgus said he witnessed the famous UFO event at Roswell in 1947.

In July 1947 Sheriff Jess Slaughter and Deputy Sheriff Charles Forgus were headed to apprehend a prisoner when they heard on the police radio news about a fallen aircraft.

The two men were en route to Roswell, New Mexico and determined to go to explore the events not knowing they are going encounter one of the today’s most popular UFO events in the history.

The US military explained the event saying the crashed object was just a weather balloon, but the conspiracy theorists didn’t buy their story. They claimed the place was a field of interest for at least one alien spacecraft crash and recapture of aliens.

Mr. Forgus, in his new book called “UFOs Today – 70 years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-Up” explains how he witnessed a fallen flying object and military crew lifting numerous alien bodies.

However, this is the first time after the event that his statement was publicly released.

In the interview, he claims he saw a flying saucer downed into the side of a riverbed that was 100 feet across.

The police deputy described how when they went there, the whole area was full of soldiers dragging bodies tall around 5 feet. He described the bodies had feet similar to ours and their skin color was brownish.

He said there were around three hundred soldiers who carried the bodies from the scene inside tow trucks.

About twenty minutes after their witnessing, they were asked to leave from there and they continued on their path to pick up the prisoner.

When asked what he thinks of what he testified, he said: “The Great Father didn’t just make this planet…. He made all of them. He put beings on these planets just like he put us on this one. They’re smarter then we are.

“They can get from there to here, but we can’t get from here to there.”

The interview between Mr. Forgus of Howard County, Texas and Los Angeles private detective Deanna Short was published in a book by Philip Mantle, a former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association.

Mr. Mantle said that Deanna took a video of the interview and later did a transcript of it. She claimed they both were there and saw the scene with their own eyes.

Mackenzie, Deanna’s daughter also stated that Charles Forgus gave a special struggle to convince the people “not to believe what others will say” because the truth is that they really were there and they really did witness everything.

Very rarely someone new comes up to talk about the Roswell incident, so this testimony is really valuable if we just treat the event still as an open case.


Questioner: What I’m trying to do is pierce together…

CF: I was working for the Sheriff of. I was a Deputy there for Sheriff Slaughter, was back in the 40s. We went to Roswell to pick up a prisoner. When we got there, the land was covered with soldiers. They were hauling a big, a creature, hauling him away.

What I saw him looked just like the one we see on television, with big eyes. There was a big round thing in the canyon. It was about 100 feet across. They put that on a truck and hauled it away. They wouldn’t let us get very close to it either. So we headed up to get the prisoner in Roswell and back to.

Q: So you were on your way from to Roswell to pick up a prisoner and you happened to be at that place……

CF: It already had crashed. They were taking them out. There were soldiers there….about 3 or 4 hundred of them. They wouldn’t let you get very close. They were keeping all the people away. People were coming out there.

Q: What did the saucer (we’ll call it) look like?

CF: It was a big round thing. Across the middle, it was about 100 feet.

Q: Did you see any lights around it?

CF: No, they went out when it banged into the wall in the creek. It was like a mountain on the side of the creek.

Q: Did you see any creatures: How many did you see?

CF: Yeh, I saw them. I think I have seen about four (of them).

Q: Were they covered up?

CF: Mostly. I saw the legs and feet on some of them.

Q: What did the feet look like? Do you remember?

CF: They looked like our feet.

Q: Could you figure how tall they were? They were laying flat, Right?

CF: Yeah, There is one thing I do remember. The Great Father didn’t just make this planet…. He made all of them. He put beings on these planets just like he put us on this one. They’re smarter then we are. They can get from there to here, but we can’t get from here to there.

(Note: CF is rather deaf. He wears two hearing aid appliances in this ears, so he answers my questions as follows 🙂

Q: Why do you think they’re here then?

CF: I don’t know where they hauled them. They might have hauled them to the hospital or somewhere.

Q: How long were you and Sheriff Slaughter at that site after you arrived?

CF: About 30 Minutes?

Q: Did you tell anyone about it?

CF: The Army was there and military soldiers were there.

Q: Did they tell you not to say anything?

CF: No, they didn’t tell me nothing’. They wouldn’t let you get close to ‘em.

Q: Did they actually see you observing what was going on?

CF: Sure, they saw me lookin’ at them.

Q: And they didn’t tell you to not say anything…..

CF: No, They wouldn’t let us get close to them. We were about 10 away.

Q: You were that close?

CF: We might have been further away. I didn’t have glasses then, I could see pretty good.

Q: What was your official capacity then?

CF: I was a Deputy The County Seat was I was riding with the Sheriff when we went to get the prisoner.

He didn’t order anybody except me to go with him. The UFO was already down when we got there. We went and got the prisoner afterward. We heard about it on the radio.

Q: What did you hear on the radio?

CF: That the thing had crashed.

Q: But they didn’t know what ‘the thing’ was?

CF: No. But you would think that when people hear something like this, it scares the heck out of them. This came out of the police radio. We were on the way through there (to pick up the prisoner) when we heard it on the police radio. It was a big distance from to Roswell…you can look on a map and see it.

Q: So let me ask you this. When you guys were driving down the road and you were listening to the police radio……

CF: Yeh…..

Q: Do you remember what was said on the radio about whatever it was… Do you recall?

CF: All I remember is that they said that a saucer crashed out there in the canyon.

Q: They actually said the word ‘saucer’?

CF: They can call it a saucer if they want to but there ain’t a big enough cup of coffee for that thing.

Q: How long do you think you were at the site?

CF: Probably about 20 minutes. We have seen them haul them (the bodies) out there, out of the canyon up to the trucks….putting them on the tow trucks so they could haul them.

Q: Did anyone try to get you to leave the scene.

CF: No….they told the Sheriff that we had to go. That was good enough for us….He’s the boss.

Q: When they were taking the beings, we’ll call them beings, were the beings laying on the ground around the saucer?

CF: Yeah, they were lifting them up with a crane that they had and picking them up and swinging them to put them on the truck. The bodies must have been 5 feet tall.

Q: Did you see the heads?

CF: Yeah….they were covered. Their eyes looked like the ones we see on television and the pictures of them.

Q: What color was the skin?

CF: As much as I could tell….the skin was a brownish color…. Like they were in the sun too long.

Q: From the time it crashed until the time you got there, do you know how much time went by? From the time you heard it on the police radio until you got there?

CF: About two hours.

Q: Did you see any writing or engraving on the saucer?

CF: I wasn’t that close to it?

Q: If you were saying 12 feet away from the beings, how far were the beings away from the saucer? Were they thrown pretty far?

CF: We couldn’t see that well because of the trees. It was on a riverbank. It slammed into a river bank. I say them lifting one up with the crane.

Q: Did anyone else talk to you about what was going on?

CF: There were some soldiers, but I don’t think they were from the Air Force.

Q: Where do you think they were from then?

CF: I don’t know. They were wearing uniforms. I didn’t pay any attention cause I just wanted to go with the Sheriff to get the heck out of there before something happened.

Q: When you guys were in the car to go pick the guy up, did you discuss or talk about what you had seen with the Sheriff?

CF: No. I didn’t know what they were and he didn’t either or where they came from or nothing.

Q: Did you see any blood on the bodies?

CF: I don’t know…. I guess they were dead.

Q: You’re 81 years old now. When and where were you born?

CF: I was born in: I don’t know what city.

Q: You have been in the army?

CF: I sure have, before I became a Deputy Sheriff.

Q: So when this thing at Roswell happened, you were already out of the Army and were a Deputy Sheriff. That happened in 1947. Now it’s 1999. That was 52 years ago, Charlie. And you still remember it clearly?

CF: Yeah, pretty clear.

Q: Has anyone ever talked to you or asked you to talk about what happened…like to the Government, cause there’s a lot of research going on now because of the cover-up.

CF: There was one that came around, and I told him to shut up and not come around. I don’t know who they were. That was when I was Deputy Sheriff.

Q: When you saw the saucer, can you remember in your mind what it looked like. Can you draw it?

CF: No….you draw it?

(Note: Charlie had the interviewer draw because he broke his arm and can’t use it). He directed her to draw a circle (not an oval). Then he directed her to draw another circle with the circle. This was a drawing of the top of the saucer. Charlie was standing on top of the opposite side of the bank of the dry creek bed where the saucer had crashed.

Q: Were you standing above it?

CF: I was standing on the back side. The saucer hit the bank on this side of the creek and I was standing on the other side of the bank, at the top of the hill. I was looking down at the site.

Q: So you had a ‘bird’s eye view‘, that’s why you were able to see the top of it?

CF: I didn’t have a ‘bird’s eye, I’ve got my own eyes (he laughs)

(Showing Charlie the drawing the interviewer says “if this is the top (of the saucer), how much higher were you?”

CF: Probably about 20 feet above it.

Q: So, that’s why you saw the top (of the saucer). And you say, that from here to here (across the top of the saucer – diameter) is about 100 feet.

CF: It was evenly rounded.

Q: So it was absolutely round…. Not oval shaped and you were 20 feet above it, that’s why you saw the top. Did you see the fingers and hands?

CF: No, they were covered up. But I saw the head.

Q: But you said you saw the feet.

CF: Yeah, later on, when they were passing by I saw the feet. I could see them lifting it up with the crane. They wouldn’t let you close enough when they were putting’ them into the truck. When they were lifting’ them on the crane you could see them laying’ on that thing.

Q: You said the body was covered. Were the arms laying on the stomach under the cover?

CF: When the wind blew, the cover went back so you could see the face and the same way with the feet.

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