Nine-Feet Tall Giants ‘Found Living Near Egyptian Pyramids Of Giza’

Nine-feet tall giants

Gigantic men, taller than nine feet, are living inside and all over the zone of the ancient pyramids of Giza, the opinion of a conspiracy theorist.

The YouTube theorist MrMBB333 has further than 16 million views and in his posts he says that while he was exploring the ancient pyramids of Giza on Google Earth, he discovered an urban area within their reach.

In his video labeled as “Unreal! Two giant Men spotted nearby Giza Pyramids!” he assures he has seen two immense men walking on the street against each other.

In addition, he even hypothesized that these men could be ancestors of the people who built the pyramids of Giza or even the mythical Anunnaki gods.

If you wonder who the Anunnaki were, they were a group of divine creatures in the Mesopotamian civilization and culture.

He said in his video:

“They are showing you a picture of two giant men. That man’s waist is over the top of the car.

“That guy is at least eight feet tall, and, not just one, there’s two.

“Talk about the return of the Anunnaki Gods.

“That man is huge, I don’t care what anyone says he has got to be eight or nine feet tall.

“And not just one, but two. What are the odds of that, walking towards each other on different sides of the street?”

Part of his viewers actually believed in his story, and a part thought that he was delusional.

A user called Unkulmark said that the Annunaki never actually left and they had been with us all the time. It is very likely that these giant men built the pyramids just like the logical opinion that they were built out of cement.

The theory that the living inside the pyramids is good for the well – being suggests that these giant men were raised there and that is why they still exist.

Another user called the GuitarManrth commented that it is not the Anunnaki gods, but the Raphaim who are the offspring to Nephilim.

Anyway, his more commonsensical viewers called the attention saying that the cars he examined were much further back in the distance.

Dave Eiflander said:  “You mean Levi’s are making jeans for them and t-shirt companies are making t-shirts just for them, and sneakers that fit them.

”It’s an optical illusion, just a bad camera shot.”

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