One Of NASA’s satellites Has Caught Mysterious Flashes Coming From Earth

Mysterious lights are not something that is rarely spotted by witnesses from Earth. The flashing is so strong it is apparent from Space.

NASA has caught hundreds of cases of weird lights coming from Earth and leaving the experts with their “mouth open.”

These mysterious flashes were seen even by Carl Sagan, a famous American astronomer, a few decades ago.

In just one year, the DSCOVR climate satellite detected over a hundred strange occurrences that came from Earth. The baffling luminous beams can be connected to the 1990s event when Carl Sagan recognized similar flashes in images taken by the Galileo space investigation.

Alexander Marshak, a representative body from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre also confirmed they discovered fairly enough blazing flashes over land.

He said: “When I first saw it I thought maybe there was some water there, or a lake the sun reflects off of. But the glint is pretty big, so it wasn’t that.”

NASA’s Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera or shortly EPIC aboard the DSCOVR satellite identified more than 800 blasts of lights over land between the observatory’s initial start in 2015 and August 2016.

Although at the beginning experts thought these flashes only emerge over Earth’s oceans as a result of the water reflection, the recent photos by DSCOVR show they also materialize inward. This provoked many questions, though, no reasonable answers.

In order to break down the enigma, experts started a new study and discovered these mysterious light sources are probably an outcome of some small, horizontal ice crystals that vaunt high in the sky.

“Large expanses of Blue Ocean and apparent coastlines are present, and close examination of the images shows a region of mirror-like reflection in the ocean but not on land,” they wrote.

Marshak explains how the flashes of light mentioned by Sagan could have a rational interpretation. He said they could be caused by the sunlight that hits a smooth part of a watery area and does a mirror-effect to the sensor.

Finally, to untangle the bundle, Tamas Varnai of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Alexander Kostinski of Michigan Technological University decided to manage a few probe experiments.

NASA, in their article, stated that the experts listed all the potential sunlight flashes located over land from the EPIC camera. The weird lights later emerge in three distinct colors: red, green and blue.

The experts argued that if all the flashes appeared as a cause of the sun’s reflection, they would be restricted to particular regions in the world. It would be those regions where the angle between the Sun and Earth is the same as the angle between the spacecraft which took the pictures and the planet, which makes the spacecraft to be able to take the mirrored flash.

As noted by “science alert, the research is still not reviewed, so certain facets of the discovery could change once it’s been verified.

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