The Ostrich People Of Zimbabwe Have Just Two Toes!

The Ostrich people also are known as the Vadoma people or the Bantwana tribe live in the north of Zimbabwe and their name means children or decedents.

One of the strangest things about them is the fact that they cannot wear regular shoes because of the shape and size of their feet!

Did you know that they only have two fingers on each foot? Yes, they do.

They don’t have any middle toes, and the two outer ones that they do have are turned inwards. Because of this shape, running is extremely difficult for them. They also experience difficulties while walking.

However, this condition makes them great at climbing trees!

The elders of the Ostrich people even claim that their ancestor’s bird beings that came from the stars. They also claim that their ancestors have mixed their DNA with a woman from the earth in order to produce offspring. They believe that their ancestors came from the stars system of Sirius.

Their tribe is known as the two toes tribe or the ostrich-footed tribe because of a condition called ectrodactyly, where the middle fingers of one’s foot are missing while the two on the out are turned inside. However, these people are not considered to be handicapped but they are well-integrated in the society.

The most interesting fact about the Ostrich people is that they intentionally stay in isolation and never mix their DNA with other people in order to prevent any other mutation and keep the condition of ectrodactyly. They believe that it is the way they are supposed to be and nothing should interfere or change that.

Another society in the Kalahari Desert also has the same condition where people have the two outer toes on their feet!


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