Researchers Managed To Read a 3,000 Year Old Stone Engraving That Gives Awareness For The Life Of Lost Ancient Civilizations

3,000 Year Old Stone Engraving

Explorers claim ancient stone writings are the answer for the eternal Mediterranean archaeology enigma.

Fred Woudhuizen – a Dutch researcher and Eberhard Zangger – a Swiss archaeologist, paired up and made a statement that they figured out the meaning of an engraving on a stone plate older than 3,000 years.

The lettering is written in Luvita language and expresses the development of the kingdom called Mira which was part of a union called “Sea People”.

The antique rocky embellishment was discovered in the village of Beykoy in Turkey and it portrays a big role in the Bronze Age inscriptions.

The most puzzling part of this engraving is that only a few scholars in the world can actually decipher the language it was used.

The genuine stone plate was ruined in the 19th Century and all the contemporary readings are established with pale copies.

In order with the writing on the stone, Mira ruled Troy – present day’s location in Turkey.3,000 Year Old Stone Engraving

The stone talks about the king Kupanta – Kurunta runs Mira and controlled Troy even though he was not a real monarch of this particular territory.

Furthermore, the stone talks about the prince of Troy named Muksus, who influenced from Mira, did a successful achievement of a town located in present Israel and built a fort there on one of his naval excursions.

The ancient Luwian language used on this stone translated into modern day language describes the downfall of one of the most powerful civilizations in the Bronze Age.

Also, the stone slab discusses the kingdoms from western Asia Minor that ambushed and made cities in the eastern Mediterranean.

Eberhard Zangger, who besides being an amazing archaeologist also happens to be an expert in Luwian language, said: “Luwians from western Asia Minor contributed decisively to the so-called Sea People’s invasions – and thus to the end of the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean.”

This is how one of the biggest mysteries of the Mediterranean archaeology can possibly be explained and solved.

The ancient Sea People probably had a mystical naval alliance that assaulted Egypt and other zones of the eastern Mediterranean in the Bronze Age sometime between 1200 and 900 BC.

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