Ronald Reagan’s Extraterrestrial Experience: What Wasn’t Told In The Media

When Ronald Reagan died in 2004, there was a lot about his endowment in the media; however, nobody ever mentioned the UFOs concerns. Probably, the same will happen when Jimmy Carter dies eventually.

No literature will ever mention Carter’s UFO encounter which he described as sensational in his formal report. This event was even fetched in one the 1976 political campaign where he promised to reveal any information the country has on UFO sightings to the public.

Similarly, in the future when Clinton dies, there also won’t be any media arguments of his unsuccessful efforts to break open in the ‘90s. It was the moment when he dismissed Assistant Attorney General Web Hubbell to clarify the mystery.

The things that made Reagan’s aspect so fascinating were his frequent hints that made him look like he speaks a coded language meant to be understood by the protectors. Many people have witnessed UFOs, and Reagan was among them too.

His encounter happened in 1974, while he was on a plane as the governor of California. He confessed his story to a Wall Street Journal reporter, and his pilot, Bull Paynter added further details. Everything started with a vivid white light over Bakersfield that suddenly began to extend and speed up at a 45-degree angle. “The UFO went from a normal cruise speed to a fantastic speed,” Paynter said, “instantly.” 

The event captured Reagan so much because in his presidency time he made some extraterrestrial operations for his own advantage.

In 1985 at the Geneva Summit he told the Soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze that if they ever find out about an alien invasion coming on the way, both countries would instantly bond an alliance. Shevardnadze agreed on this claim apparently for a good reason.

In 1995, the ABC channel’s series named “Prime Time Live” revealed that on October 4, 1982, residents of Byleokoroviche, Ukraine, said they witnessed a 900-foot disc hovering in the sky and moving closer to a nuclear weapon cellar.

Lieutenant Vladimir Platonov saw how the flashing control boards showed the Intercontinental Ballistic missiles were ready to fire against the US. A Soviet investigation discovered that for around 15 seconds, the base miscarried the command of its bombs.

“I couldn’t help but say to (Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev),” Reagan recalled later in 1985, to a high school class, “just how easy his task and mine might be if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet.” 

Reagan continued this metaphor in his speech before the United Nations General Assembly, where he linked the aliens with nuclear weapons. He said that if the world was ever challenged by extraterrestrials, it will unite so fast all the differences would disappear. “And yet I ask: Is not an alien force already among us?” he added.

Moreover, Reagan made an alleged comment in the White House to Steven Spielberg, analogous to his 1982s movie “ET: The Extraterrestrial.” He said that there aren’t six people in the room who know how true this really is. Producer Jamie Shandera said that Spielberg himself told him this story, but the veracity of it is not so sure since Steven didn’t talk about it to the public.

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