Russia Warns US: Tell The Truth About Extraterrestrial Life Or We Will

The Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, at the World Economic Forum in 2013, made a thrilling statement. He said that it’s about time for the world to know the truth about alien life.

His assertions were very harsh and even though he said he prefers collaboration from the US, he is ready to engage on his own.

This specific World Economic Forum embodied around three thousand dominant business leaders, including politicians, intellectuals, and notorious journalists. One of the components on the summit was the discovery of alien beings.

The component said that the visitors of the summit were encouraged to debate the “profound psychological implications for human belief systems” that the alien life could bring to light.

During the course, Prime Minister Medvedev gave the impression he was very eager about this subject. He made numerous comments that the public was able to hear because he unintentionally left his microphone on. A reporter asked him if “the president is handed secret files on aliens when he receives the briefcase needed to activate Russia’s nuclear arsenal.” Medvedev replied that the President of Russia was indeed informed of facts about aliens which stepped foot on our planet when they took the office. He also added that more information will be available for us if we just watch the famous movie “Men In Black.” Medvedev also commented that he can’t say how many aliens are between us because it will cause hysteria.

Medvedev’s notes were reported to be amusing for the media at that instant because he associated the movie “Men in Black” which was incorrectly assumed to be the 1997 science fiction comedy starring Will Smith.

Nonetheless, it was revealed that he was actually talking about a crucial documentary with the same name which followed the malevolent existence of the beings known as the Men in Black which occasionally visit people who have testified UFO events and had contact with extraterrestrials. Anyway, Medvedev decided he doesn’t want to uncover extraterrestrial life to the public. He was rather more impatient to open an international discussion about it.

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