‘We Are Negotiating With ETs By Now’, States Russian Time Capsule


Fifty years ago the Siberian communists buried a time capsule and now the same capsule uncovers how people at that time thought that by now we would have been living with aliens.

In 1967, local Siberians registered their vision and conception for the future in a time capsule and put it in a wall located in one of the buildings in the city of Novosibirsk.

Today, to celebrate the 100th year of the Russian Revolution, they have made the time capsule visible to the public eye. However, the human still hasn’t accomplished what the capsule said it would. Or has he?

The three page letter reads: “We believe that you have masterfully outfitted our wonderful blue planet, the Earth, explored the Moon and landed on Mars, that you are continuing the exploration of space started by the people of the first half of the century and that your starships have been long prowling the Galaxy.”

From the moment the time capsule was created, the humans have achieved many things: one of them was that they went to the Moon, even though only six of the missions were equipped by men. They still haven’t gone to the Red Planet, but there are still are numerous efforts to achieve this goal.

The time capsule gets eerier since it states that by present-day, humankind would have had already established a contact with otherworldly creatures.

“We believe you are negotiating cultural and scientific cooperation with representatives of other, extraterrestrial civilizations.”

The time capsule talked about the human race and how it would have by now conquered the deepest reaches of outer space and established contact with different alien races.

The time capsule also alleged how communism would be booming and growing in 2017.

The letter reads: “We know, our time is interesting, but yours is more interesting. We have built communism, and you are living under communism.

Before the capsule’s display, there was an official ceremony which included a minute of silence for who originally buried it.

None of the authors of the time capsule is alive today but they were probably when the communist Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

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