Second Scientist Confirms The Mummified Remains In Peru Are Real

The questionable mummified remains found in Nazca, Peru have inspired a huge discussion amidst alien supporters and explorers.

The researchers reported a fascinating discovery which included mummified remains of several alien bodies in a cave in Peru leaving the society stunned.

Right after the announcement, the scientific society labeled the whole event as fake saying the alleged mummified remains were falsified and not found.

However, the announcement they made was not based on true facts because it was said they didn’t analyze the mummies efficiently.

While most of the people agreed with the scientific community that the whole discovery was hoaxed, Mr. Jaime Maussan, a UFO researcher from Mexico and his team brought up a proof that suggests the opposite.

Months after the mummified remains were studied by independent laboratories around the world; a second researcher analyzed the bodies and said they are not a bluff.

Doctor of forensic medicine, Jose Benitez, made a very surprising statement concerning these baffling remains found in Peru.

Mr. Benitez is the second scientist that risked his reputation and name by pronouncing shocking claims the bodies are either alien either new species we haven’t come upon on Earth.

The first one was Dr. Edson Vivancoa, a skeletal specialist, who after he explored the bodies he stated they were not human.

Nevertheless, one set of DNA results from the testing conducted on the remains applied they are 100% human while another set brought uncertain results.

Dr. Vivancoa and Dr. Benitez are members of the group of researchers led by Mr. Maussan.

Dr. Benitez was interviewed by the British ufologist Steve Meera, who went to Peru to explore the events.

He said he found a lot of features on the body that didn’t show signs of a common humanity.

“At first sight, it looked like a normal body but looking closely at every body part we found could find several abnormalities. “For example, the head is bigger, it has wider eyes, a smaller nose, and it has no ears. It has fewer vertebrae that a common human,” said, Dr. Benitez.

Furthermore, its bone structure was somehow wider and different. The body had three fingers and three toes. These were the most notable differences they could point out.

The white powder that covered the mummies was a special material known as diatom soil. The special thing about this soil is that it has amazing characteristics such as drying, dehydrating and preserving the tissue while being repulsive to insects.

All the statements Dr. Benitez made were included in a documentary produced by Steve Meera.

“It is essential; we are faced with the try possibility of discovering an organic being very similar to humans but different at the same time. We need to take a step forward to determine what it is and where it has come from,” concluded Dr. Benitez.

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