Shocking Claim: Did Aliens From Nibiru Kill John F Kennedy?

Aliens From Nibiru

The classified JFK files were supposed to brighten up his murder, but there have been circulating strange claims that his murder was executed by aliens from Planet X.

The famous assassination of John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald happened on November 22, 1963, and until present-day remains one of the most fertile subjects of conspiracy theories.

The so-called JFK files concluded more than 3,000 documents that were meant to cut off the doubters.

However, a shocking claim about the true reasons behind his assassination that happened in Texas many years ago has shaken up everyone in the US.

A YouTube video with the title “JFK Assassination Evidence in Malta (The Nibiru Connection)” applies the late US President was actually executed by extraterrestrial creatures.

The footage emerges at a JFK memorial in San Pawl, Malta, allegedly constructed by Americans living there and the Maltese government in 1964.

The man in the video alleges the answer about who killed JFK is buried in this memorial.

“As you can see there is a very interesting circular structure behind me – what appears to be a flying saucer landing pad. What else would such a structure be good for?” he says.

Aliens From Nibiru

The video indicated how remembrance is “blackened” from the interior, suggesting it has been blistered by an alien spacecraft;

In the central part there are many pentagrams directed up, says the man in the video. He says it’s more than clear a flying saucer landing place.

He says in the middle there are 50 pentagrams and inside the cage a half-dome with President John F. Kennedy’s caption on it.

Apparently, the memorial was built in dedication of JFK who was murdered after revealing the Free Masons of America and the world.

The video later suddenly cuts to the footage of the actual assassination, covered with fragments of the Bible.

There is a video clip that asserts that President Kennedy’s chauffeur used a secret code or signal few second before the President was killed.

The man in the video claims the monument was not built to glory JFK but to satirize and ridicule him.

“Who murdered John F Kennedy is no longer a secret. The Tares who Jesus Christ told us about, they are the murderers of John F Kennedy and the murderers of Jesus Christ,” claims the man in the video.

Nevertheless, the evidence he disposed in the video does not fit up with the historically accepted story.

The US President was riding in a motor parade with his wife when the former Marine and Soviet defector Lee Harvey Oswald fired his gun from a nearby hill.

His reasons remain unclear; however, it was found he was a Marxist that visited the Cuban and Soviet embassies in New Mexico only two months before the murder.

It is unclear what motivated Oswald to pull the trigger, but it was found that the self-proclaimed Marxist, paid visits to the Cuban and Soviet embassies in New Mexico two months before the crime.

Oswald was killed two days after he was captured, when the nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot him on November 24, outside the Dallas Police Headquarters.

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