Temehea Tohua Statues Are Real Depiction Of Aliens

An amazing island in the Pacific Ocean reveals something extraordinary. The mysterious ancient Temehea Tohua statues at Nuku Hiva suggest this land might have had otherworldly residents.

The fundamental idea of the ancient artifacts is to draw a painting of the life of our predecessors. Also, they serve to depict the thoughts of the early creators.

These so-called Temehea Tohua statues clearly show a strong reciprocity between their carvings and our contemporary vision of extraterrestrials.

Nuku Hiva is a beautiful yet peculiar island and the home of these exceptional statues. However, some of them show signs of not belonging to our world. The big dilemma is whether they are a product of the artist’s imagination or something eerie was spotted there many years ago?

While observing, our first impression would be ‘ordinary big statues’; however, if we look closely we see every characteristic of the modern-day depiction of an alien: elongated heads, big eyes, too small or too large body etc.

Researchers working on the case noticed some Temehea Tohua statues show weird hybrid of human and alien peculiarities. They further believe the statues are a symbol of two alien races: Reptilians and The Greys.

This theory is not so far from the truth since this island features a huge mass of water. Isn’t this the perfect condition for aliens to come down and observe the human race?

According to explorers, the Reptilians or the ‘Lizard People’ come from the Draco constellation. Conspiracy theorists have made numerous speculations about them and they are generally accepted as a manipulative, evil race. The natives at this island might have worshipped these creatures as their gods and build the Temehea Tohua statues to admire them.

Moreover, today’s reports of The Greys describe them as 3 to 4 feet tall humanoids with large heads and huge eyes. Some of the statues show a bizarre resemblance to this alien race.

We appear to have drawn an interesting yet weird fact that the Temehea Tohua statues might show two alien races: The Reptilians and The Greys. Prepare yourselves for an even weirder fact that experts consider The Greys are a slavery product of the Reptilians.

Could all this be a product of imagination? We personally think the coincidence is too big. One thing is sure though, the statues discovered on this island do not resemble average human beings. Could their explanation be otherworldly? What do you think?


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