The Technology Found Underneath The Bermuda Triangle Is Unknown To Modern Science!

Bermuda Triangle

This was the statement of a very popular oceanographer Mayer Verlag, who says that he finally said out loud what everyone knew for so long! He stated that the technology which is lying beneath the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle is mysterious and unknown for today’s science.

For all of you that don’t know, the Bermuda triangle is defined by three points: Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Any of its sides stretches about thousand miles and besides all the obvious evidence that it exists, the US Navy says that there is no such thing as Bermuda triangle.

However, there is numerous evidence that proves its existence and the great and supernatural things that are hiding underneath the water. Some even believe that this triangle is the existing proof of the extraterrestrial activity on our Planet yet some choose to stay blind.

There are people that don’t believe the existence of Bermuda triangle even though it had been swallowing up ships and airplanes and even water.

The latest and most interesting thing that has been discovered at the Bermuda triangle are two beautiful and mesmerizing pyramids made out of glass. Also, there was a great technology, a great mystery for modern science revealed underneath the ocean of the triangle.

Unfortunately, the army has stopped researching this place and never got to understand what is really happening underneath.

This well-known oceanographer Mayer Verlag,  believes that the discovery of the two glass pyramids have shed light on all those missing airplanes and ships which is why the US Navy tries to hide what was discovered and keep it away from the public.

These pyramids are located right in the center of the Bermuda triangle and they are made of some form of crystal which may be the reason why there are disappearances right where they are located.

Today the truth about the existence and the importance of these pyramids is not yet proven to be wrong or right because the Us Navy tries to hide it all away from the eyes of the public. There were many researchers that tried to discover if there is something underneath the Bermuda triangle and most of them have found anomalous structures made out of crystals which were the cause of all the disappearances.

When it comes to the Pyramids, there are now photographs or actual proof that they exist yet it is believed that they are twice as big as the Pyramids of Giza.

After this very important discovery, the Us Military marked the area under their control and no other researchers or oceanographers can investigate and prove their theories.

However, if there is nothing there underneath the Bermuda triangle, why would the Us Military protect the zone and keep it under their control? Maybe they are protecting something truly valuable and some kind of “alien” technology that is far more advanced than today’s modern science.

Which leads to the point that it is up to you if you believe or not these mysterious discoveries even though there are no hard evidence that proves what is really going on underneath the Bermuda triangle?

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